Mossberg 500 AT pump

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  1. Bmason_80

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    I got a new/old shotgun today. It was my grandfather's who recently passed. I am wondering if there's a way to find its age based on the serial number? The serial number starts with G56####. I apologize if this thread is in the wrong forum
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  2. Outlaw

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    Call or email Mossy at 800-363-3555 with the Ser # and they will tell you exactly when it was put together. Hope it helps

  3. Bmason_80

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    I called Mossberg and customer service told me it predated their records. They give me another # to call ... She said it was a historian .
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    NE Utah
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    Thanks for your help. I haven't heard back from the historian that Mossberg referred me too.. I took it apart because it appeard to be dirty.. It had been a long time since it had been disassembled.. Once I had all the internals out I was unable to get the forend off. Gave up on that. This is my first pump and it took awhile to get the bolt and carrier back together.
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    Take your time. It will go back together when its ready. Lube the forend over night it should come off.
  7. Bmason_80

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    I figured out that it s gotta be just right.. I'm sure it gets easier after a few times. I ll try the forend this weekend but I couldn't see anything holding the guides of the forend in the receiver.. Just the grooves they ride in
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  8. cicpup

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    They tend to catch on the notches. Pushing down on them while sliding it out tends to work.
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    also if you unscrew the magazine tube carefully they come off easier and that lets you clean 40 years of accumulated gunk out of that tube and replace the spring while your in there.

    Of the top of my head I can't remember the date of the switch but the oldest 500s do not handle 3 inch shells if the receiver is stamped 500A then it will handle a 3 inch load.
  10. Bmason_80

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    It is stamped on the barrel 3" and 2¾"
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  12. Bmason_80

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    That's who Mossberg referred me to. I emailed them and have not gotten a response.
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    Small shop so it might take a few days.