Mossberg 500 Tacstar Sidesaddle**NOT FOR SALE**

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  1. esududeny

    esududeny Well-Known Member

    Looking for black synthetic stock, forend. Or Mosin accesories ie. sling, ammo pouch, oiler, etc. The sidesaddle's practically new. Comes with original packaging and it's boxed and ready to go. Thanks for looking, guys.

    *not actual pic of item but same thing*


    **UPDATE** Decided to keep it. Mounted it on the mossy last night. Thanks for the interest.
  2. how much for the sidesaddle ?

  3. esududeny

    esududeny Well-Known Member

    looking more for a trade. I'll take ammo too BUT... i heard it's a b#tch to ship. a box of wolf 54r? let me know. if I don't get any offers for trade, I'll let you know.