Mossberg Tactical 22 Threaded Barrel Adapter

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    Not sure if anyone here has a Mossberg 715T, I know my dad has one and loves it. He's getting older and couldn't handle a lot of recoil anymore and he found one for a deal a few months ago and couldn't afford a S&W M&P 15-22. I know its basically a 702 Plinkster but he likes the look without having to pay the price.

    Anyway back on topic... He wanted to put a threaded fake suppressor or flash hider on the end of his 715T but he purchased the one with the carry handle, that doesn't have the threaded barrel but he found this:

    Take a look... its FREE, just 0.68 shipping... I told my dad to hold up cause it had to be a scam. Checked into it and it actually seems legit. Facebook page with history.

    These sell for $15-20.00 almost every other place I looked.

    So I ordered it for him with my CC. I'm covered with fraud protection anyway with all the online purchases I do anyway.

    Now I know this is by no means as good as a real threaded barrel but hell for FREE he can give it a shot and it is only for a .22. If it falls off its a waste of .68 cents...

    Anyway just wanted to give anyone here a heads up in case you had one and wanted to give it a try for just about nothing.