Mossy Mav 88 shotty?

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    Ok, so I've got the "field" version (28 inch barrel) of the Maverick 88 shotgun. It was my first weapon of any sort. Yes, even before my throwing stars! :D So I've read and heard that the 88 can take any accessories from the Mossy 500 as well. This was however was specifically referring to the "Security" version of the 88 (18.5 inch barrel).

    Now would accessories for the 500 work with my 88 Field? I'm looking particularly at the side saddle shell holder from TacStar. TacStar normally does a good job of displaying clearly, "This does not fit the Maverick 88." In the case of this shell holder, it only has checked off on the package that it fits mossy 500.

    I've read/heard this does fit the 88.
    The sales person says he "thinks" it fits.
    Now I need this forum's expertise.

    Please help!

    BTW...I'm ordering the 18.5 conversion barrel and have aready added the top folding ATI stock (That's right, our same Hi point 995 friends) as well as a shell holder for said ATI stock. I have the stainless heat shield with ghost ring sights to go with the 18.5 barrel when it arrives.

    And I was also told a different choke could be added to take any 500 foregrips as well.

    If anyone has knowledge, or simply wants to point n laugh, thats cool too. Or better yet, give other inspiring mods/accessories! :p

    Thanks all,

    Safe Shooting!!!
  2. I am about 95% sure that the tacstar side saddle fits a Maverick 88. The recievers on both the 500 and 88 are essentially the same.The Maverick 88 is basically identical to the Mossberg 500, except the safety location and the single action bar the 500 has 2, one on each side of the pump.




  3. kunlao, can you post links of the accessories that you have for your 88? I am looking for the same things as I want to tacti-cool my own 88... Ghost ring sights, pistol grip and pressure sensative light on the forend.
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    As requested by primal: :)

    My baseline model:

    - Mossberg 88 "Field" w/28 inch barrel....

    My current accessories in posession:

    - ATI Top fold Stock
    - Heat shield with ghost ring sights (Here's an actual combo offer I found of these both....

    Would like to get:

    -18.5 inch barrel:

    -Muzzle, mag clamp foregrip and buttpad from this page

    I basically got thie weapon as a chosen and relatively inexpensive gift years ago. Now that I've come to see them as more than just a novelty, and now a true art depending on one's imagination, I'd like to turn my first shotty into a kinda tacticool piece with all of the inspiration I've seen from this and other forums.

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    As far as I can remember, the only problems with compatibility are with the 6 and 8 rd capacity mag tubes and barrels due to length issues... but I've been wrong once before :wink: :D
  6. My Maverick has the dual action bars. BTW, In its original form, many eons ago, the Mossberg 500 had single action bar. Don't know when they changed it, as mine is from the 70's.
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    Here is my maverick with the tacstar, of course mine is the 20" security version. By the way, the mavericks are great shotguns aren't they! I got mine new for $ can't beat it for the money.
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    Gee I love this forum! 995's to Mossies...These pics are pretty "danm" motivating... That's it, 18 in barrel is on order along with all the other christmas trimmings.

    If my wife asks....You all made me do it! :D

    and $175? No Sir you cannot beat that!