Most awesome gas station ever

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  1. Wish I'd had a camera... was in a gas station in Arcadia, MO (I think). Anyway, they had the usual stuff... snacks, soda, hot dogs... and, oh yeah, more guns than your average national guard armory lol. Seriously, they had a better selection than my local gun store. Hundreds of guns, racks upon racks... simply amazing. Wish all gas stations were like that :).
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    Were you watching Red Dawn when typing this? :p Thats awesome.

  3. My favorite local (OK semi local, I have no local shops) gun shop is a gas station/convieniance/bait/gun/sporting goods/liquor store. Cool place.
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    Because I couldn't find the "Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms: Who's bringing the chips" shirt:
  5. That's the kind of business I would like to run...

    Gas station, Bait N Tackle Shop, Hunting Supplies, Firearms and Convenience items. Oh yeah, it would also be located close to the lake for my Convenience. :)
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    How would we ever buy anything from you. Nobody leaves good fishin to take care of business.
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    Thats why he has the kids mind the store.

  8. If that ain't the damn truth if I've ever heard it!!!

    Gone Fishin' Be back for Huntin' Season!!!!
  9. I would have to make a sale or two each day to support my fishin, huntin and shootin habits. :) My plans would be to hire someone to tend to business while I enjoyed my hobbies, course I would spend a lot of time in the Sporting Goods section of the store yaking with fellow sportsmen and shooters. Nothing like a good cup of hot coffee and talking gun talk. :)
  10. RFH, I really hope that some day you and I can sit on your front/back porch and do just that.... :D
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    ...AND I'll bet you $20 that there's at least ONE idiot who tries to rob that gas station per year.
  12. Almost worth hunting this place down and asking for some stories.
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    My dad bought my brother a 30-40 Krag from there years ago. Great store isn't it.

  14. If not for the fact work disallows firearms (damn communists) I would have bought something just for the heck of it... not like the prices of 10/22's varies that much from place to place, and I'd like to say I got it from a gas station. A grandma who needed help opening the door to the store bought something and had the gentleman carry it to her car for her... makes me wonder lol.
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    Very cool, but i'd have to make a pool hall and eatery in there too... remember, in britian it's "Playing Snooker" in America it's "Shooting Pool" May do some google research on this mythical fun shop.
  16. Years ago in Oregon, I knew of a bar / gun store. I always thought that was the ultimate twisted combination.

    But, a gas-station / gun store / bar--that would be hard to beat. :mrgreen:
  17. No, I can beat that... add a daycare center and a methadone clinic to the mix lol.
  18. I'm located in central sounds like the gas station located in our town of well just a few. Gas, bate, fishing gear, gun stuff, a gun repair shop, trailer and truck rental .and the county Conservation agent would drop in about every morning.
    Some mornings there would be 12- 15 guys hanging out having coffee and swaping unconfermed truthes.
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    so for the ATF convenience store you could add in a reptile shop and a strip club and call it "The One Stop Man Shop"
  20. Don't forget the barber shop and tax place too.....