Motorcycle vs Bear.....and a car for good measure

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  1. Rachgier

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    Pictures of the bike and bear at the linked story...

    By WBNG News
    July 24, 2015
    Updated Jul 24, 2015 at 11:16 PM EDT
    Windsor, NY (WBNG Binghamton) Three people were injured in an accident involving a motorcycle, car, and bear in Windsor.
    Action News crews were on the scene of 17-west bound near exit 78- at Occanum.
    Law enforcement on the scene say a motorcyclist hit a bear, then a car hit the motorcycle.
    According to Action News crews on the scene, the bear appears to be dead-- lying off the road.
    Officials say three people were injured, one of the three was taken to the hospital.
    The call came over after 9:30 Friday night. Broome County Sheriff's, New York State Police, and Broome County Fire are on scene.
    Action News will bring you the latest when more information becomes available.
  2. My wife has a friend from Australia. Twice she hit a roo while driving a motorcycle. She hates the things!!

  3. MaryB

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    Only things I have hit are deer. When I worked 4-midnight coming home at 2AM I averaged 2 deer hits a year. Had a huge tube bumper welded to the front of my 4WD(someone did a conversion on it) Ford E150 van... never much van damage, couple mufflers, bent the tube bumper and I snagged a buck by the horns with the side mirror and snapped his neck. That one was good eating!
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    Poor, stupid Bear :wah:
  5. Rachgier

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    So here's the update. A dude in a jeep Cherokee hit the bear first. A chick swerved to avoid the jeep but hit the bear and wiped out the guy on the motorcycle. Car drivers went to the ED, motorcyclist was DOA.
  6. undeRGRound

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    That is why I decided against a bike.
    You can do everything right, but one odd unforeseen incident... :eek:
  7. planosteve

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    Motorcycles bearly provide any protection. :D
  8. SWAGA

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    It's turning into a kind of "Final Destination" kind of thing.
  9. Rachgier

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    Well the screwed up part is they blamed the biker first. Said he hit the black bear and because his motorcycle was all black, the female driver couldn't see him in the dark. They also made it sound like he was in stable condition. Turns out the guy in the Cherokee was passing the motorcyclist at a high rate of speed, hit the black bear, and slammed on his brakes. The bear shot in front of the motorcyclist who then slowed to avoid when he was creamed by the female driver behind the Cherokee.

    She didn't just tap the guy on the bike either. I got a brief synopsis of the PCR and the guy had multiple extremities with compound fractures, crepitus in the pelvic region, a flail chest segment, road rash over 35% of his body, and his helmet was broken and chewed up from the slide.

    I understand the fact that she is going to have to live with the fact that she killed the guy on the bike, but if she was texting or otherwise distracted, she needs to be charged with something.
  10. ajole

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    NE Utah
    Agree with the sentiment, but my money is on the idea that when a bike hits full on brake to avoid a bear getting tossed into his lane by a passing car, it can be extremely difficult for the vehicle behind to react fast enough, especially if they are distracted by the passing vehicle that hit the bear, suddenly slowing or swerving too. Gotta figure there was a whole lot of stimuli in this accident.

    Sad all around.:(
  11. Rachgier

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    Well according to the report she was behind the Cherokee as it passed the bike, making her a passing vehicle as well, and she swerved in to the bike to avoid the Cherokee.
  12. SWAGA

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    Bikes can accelerate and stop a whole lot quicker then a 4000' car.
    My opinion is that probably 75-80% of drivers are not proactive drivers but reactive drivers.
    And that's a lack of mandated driver training.
  13. Think1st

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    I went to high school in Utah for a couple of years, and drivers ed was mandatory in 10th grade. I was shocked when I found out that it wasn't required in other states and that they didn't even offer it in all other high schools.

    The kind of absolute incompetence that I see on the roads would, indeed, be fixed if more people had to take drivers ed. Hell, a basic thing that they teach you is to give motorcycles more following distance because they stop faster, and if they lay over, you could end up running them over.
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    In the mid 1990's I was riding my 1977 BMW R75/7 motorcycle down a country hi-way in Michigan. After a stop at intersection stop sign I was accelerating through 50 mph when an American Bald Eagle launched from a drainage ditch on the right side the road about thirty feet in front of me. As the eagle was climbing out (right to left of me and flying toward my 10:00 position) we missed each other by about two feet. It happened so fast, I only had time to think about closing my throttle. Wow! At two feet - with wings flapping in an attempt to avoid me, that bird looked huge. Immediately after the close call, as I continued down the road, I thought to myself, had we collided, we both could have been killed. Then I contemplated that had a collision occurred, I probably would also have been cited for not giving way and for killing an endangered bird.
  15. ajole

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    NE Utah
    Well, that sucks. If she had just rear ended the Cherokee, everyone may have lived.

    True to the first two.

    Not so much on the last one, in many cases.

    The mandated drivers ed in Utah doesn't teach actual driving very well, unless the parents get serious about it during the 40 hours of driving they are supposed to supervise. Sadly, I think many parents don't do the full 40, they just sign it off.

    Most places do 6 hours driving in a parking lot, and 6 hours on the road with the instructor, plus the parent time. If done right, it's decent.;)

  16. especially if they are tailgating!
  17. MaryB

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    She will be found negligent. She should have stood on the brakes and stopped instead of pulling over to the other lane... she rear ended the bike and that usually gets most of the blame!