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    Listening to Red Eye radio Eric Harley does a show every once in a while for MotorKote "hyper lubricant."

    I heard them talking about using it on firearms. I just cleaned and lubed 4 pistols tonight. Wiped the outside of the JHP45 with it. I wiped down several surfaces with it like the outside of the barrel. I did NOT lube the interior of the barrel. It might do that tomorrow. It is supposed to slow down the bullets, yet increase accuracy.

    I did a couple of other pistols and coated them down with the MotorKote. Particularly the outside of the Gen4 Glock. It has a mottled look to it normally. We'll see if this fixes that.

    I used a syringe from Tractor Supply to get into the tight places.

    This is not any every time lube. It is a friction reducer that soaks into the surface of the metal. It is also supposed to stop rust. I previously have coated the Glock barrel with Fluid Film.

    BTW I have paint flaking off the feed ramp on the .45. Actually have paint flaking in several places. It is almost 2 years old.

    Next trip to town I am going to look for a proper bit or wheel for the Dremel to polish several ramps. ;)
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    Fine Emory cloth and a finger will do nicely. Too easy to go too far with a Dremel.


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    I think the 4095 needs to go to the range too. I need to dig it out too.

    Emory cloth is now on the grocery list, thanks Cicpup!
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    No, really, just get the right Dremel tool, and you can't' hurt anything! It's less abrasive than emery paper, even.

    It's the 422 polishing tip, it's 3/8 of an inch, shaped like a bullet, add some rouge, and you can polish away without adding weird bevels or angles to the ramp.
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    Good, because that can cause over pressure, and blow your gun up. Everyone knows you don't want oil in the barrel, it acts like a hydraulic brake, fluids are generally incompressible, and as the bullet scrapes fluid up and tries to compress it, the gases are expanding, and if the bullet doesn't leave soon enough...kaboom.

    That's why one uses a patch or the new squeegee to remove all the fluid lube from the barrel before shooting.


    See what I wrote above.

    If it's a lubricant, the only way it can slow bullets is by hydraulics...and that's stupid dangerous.

    You want to slow bullets for more accuracy? Load them yourself.
  6. I am so confused.

    Ajole. Are you saying I should never oil the inside of my barrel?!

    Or just never use that oil because it is so heavy?
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    It's fine to oil/lube inside your barrel, just make sure that you run dry patches afterwards to insure there are no liquid 'puddles' to impede the travel of the projectile. :)
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    Been using Motor Kote on my guns for over a year now as well as my cars with no problems.

    TNTRAILERTRASH Supporting Member

    Any observations you would like to add?