Mounting a Harris Adapter onto a Hi-Point "Classic" stock
by adam01364

I like the looks of the Classic "monkey gun" stock over the newer TS stock on my Hi-Point carbines. Since I'm not really into adding lasers or lights, the TS rails are kind of "meh".

Hitting bulls eyes while shooting freehand is difficult for me, as I've had benign essential tremors since childhood. Yeah, I can get my shots on paper, but I want better results so I've added bipods onto my rifles to counteract the minor shake. However, as anyone who owns a 995 or 4095 Classic knows, there are no provisions for mounting a bipod onto the stock.

I've seen pictures of rails screwed into the underside of the monkey gun stock, but that's overkill for simply mounting a bipod. Besides, I personally think rails on the Classic stock are kind of ugly. My solution? A $5. Harris sling/bipod adaptor as seen below.

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As seen here, the internal ribs on the Classic stock are plainly visible from the outside. The spacing is perfect for the adapter to fit in between.

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You'll need to drill a hole for the adapter, and to keep everything in position you'll need to clamp the two halves of the stock together.

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Using the appropriate size drill bit to fit the adapter, drill the hole in the middle of the two ribs as shown.

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Once you've finished drilling the hole, remove the clamp, clean up any burrs left from drilling, then remove the two front screws that hold the stock together. (no photo.)

Next, spread the stock halves apart, and insert the adapter. I used a small screwdriver handle to help keep the halves apart while I inserted the adapter.

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In order to keep the adapter from falling out of place, put a small Allen wrench or nail through the hole. Make sure the washer remains on the outside of the stock -it can be a little tricky as it will want to fall inward. Squeeze the halves back together while maintaining the adapter's position, then reinstall the two stock screws.

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Here's how it looks when it's all done. The adapter fits nice and snug in the stock, and as long as you kept the washer on the outside during reassembly, the mount will not fall inward.

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Here's my Classic Monkey Gun with a bipod attached.

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The bipod is extremely secure, and when folded up fits nice and tight up against the stock.