Mounting a red dot scope/halo sight

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    A couple of questions.

    It looks like I have to remove the receiver cover to remove the iron sights/mount one of the rails. Is this correct?

    Does a red dot or halo mount to one of the rails (one looks like a weaver? rail - don't know what to call the other one) included with the gun without any additional hardware? Do I need another base/rings, etc?

    I looked at the owners manual and while it mentions the two additional bases it doesn't provide much info beyond that.

    Thanks for the assistance in advance.

  2. kipnita

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    Pogy, thanks for the link.

    I looked for the info but failed to locate.
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    Yes, you have to remove the receiver cover. There are secondary plates (serving the function of nuts to the screws/bolts) that you have to lay hands on to successfully mount the rail.

    Yes, if you have a Weaver-mount on your red dot, you can put it right on the "toothed" rail. The square rail in inserted down the middle of the "toothed" rail after it is mounted on the receiver cover. I think it's there for stabilizing purposes.

    I did exactly this when I mounted my red dot, so let me know if you run into problems.
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    DaScotsman, Thanks for the additional info.

    SHOOTER Z Well-Known Member

    Also note if you want you can also order a new reciever shroud with iron sites for $15.00 then you have a set with iron sites and a set with red dot. My screws are in too tight and I can't remove the red dot so I will get the new shroud with irons sights so if I neeed to go back to iron I can
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    Shooter Z, thanks for the tip.