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Movie question for all you detail spotters..."Sniper 2"

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I am watching Sniper 2 with Tom Berenger on Spike ..there's a scene where he goes in an old basement with his female contact after his spotter gets captured to find a weapon. There is a rifle on a bench and he goes to it and picks it ..(Ok here's the question to see if my C&R skills/knowledge are improving) He says "Mauser 7.92 it's an antique but one of the finest weapons the germans ever made" ..thing is I think he's holding a mosin nagant 91/30 looks like a magazine well that leads into the trigger area (mausers are flat right?) the sling is through slots in the butt and the front stock (mausers didn't have a slot in front right?) and the bolt is well it's a mosin bolt short and straight. Anyone confirm? Sad hollywood won't even pony up for a prop mauser. :D

Edit to add: I'm sure its a mosin noticed it has the finger groove on the stock.
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Incorrectly indetified by Thomas Beckett as a "Mauser 7.92" in the movie. It is a full size 7.62X54R Mosin Nagant M91/30
I haven't seen that movie in a very long time. Next time I get a chance to see it, I'll definately be looking for it.
Thats cool strangerous i like spotting stuff like that its really hard to see in live action well I mean people that know their stuff probably would but I was like whoa gotta back this up (love dvr!) and check that out that did not look like a mauser to me. Glad to know I was right.
early kar 98 mausers (pre WWI) had a magwell that looked alot like a mosin nagant and military models also had a finger groove in the stock, so the two coul dbe confused. it wouldnt be the first time IMFDB was wrong. can someone post a screenshot of that scene?

i put in sniper 2 basement scene and this came up.so maybe they already know the weapon.
Um I'm not sure what that has to do with the movie sean but thanks.

SW I haven't found a pic of it but later in the movie he has it snipered and it's suppossedly the same rifle but it suddenly has an all black bolt and a turn down for the scope but you can clearly see the rear of the bolt and its the distictive mosin bolt. Also since you know the early mausers just to eliminate it from the basement scene...did the mauser have the sling slot in the fore stock too like the mosin? cause the one in the scene is clearly slotted in both front and rear with sling attached.
Sniper 2 is playing right now and it is without a doubt a Mosin 91/30. Even paused the DVR to double check.
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