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    My wife wanted to see this movie so we went (I was reloading 9mm at the time). I am very upset that I wasted 1 hour and 30 minutes of my life watching this film. If you were a fan of The Blair Witch Project and liked how it was filmed then you may like this movie. I did not like that movie or this one. I would not even recommend renting this film. I would have more satisfaction at watching a info-mercial at 3:00am then ever seeing this film. If anyone see's this movie please let me know what you think. My wife liked it. So now she will be seeing Rambo 4 next weekend and not 27 dresses.
  2. what was this movie about

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    This guy takes a job in Japan. Before he leaves, his friends have a party for him. During the party you think a earthquake happens. Actually it is some kind of Alien-Godzilla mix creature which tears up Manhattan. I won't say anymore in case someone actually wants to see this movie.
    Rambo will knock this out next weekend.
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    yeah i figured it would be some lame godzilla rip-off. I was hoping for soemthing new. Bummer.

    FWIW i liked the way the blair witch project was shot simply because it maked the movie seem real to the viewer, not some high dollar visual arts display. The movie itself sucked but the shooting was groundbreaking in more ways than one.

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    Never saw the blair witch project, but it was a new idea. And now it has been done and I think that attempts to copy it will just lead to more of the same.
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    Blair Witch....Horror movies....meh....

    I would rather drop coin ona Gozirra ripoff than one of those horror movies again...

    But hey: thats just me.
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    My wife and I saw this last night. We paid $18 for the tickets and got up and walked out halfway through. DO NOT waste your money on this unless you like hard to follow movies. The camera shakes so much (the entire movie!) that it looks like the camera man was having multiple epileptic fits. At least there was so much background noise and screaming that it was hard to follow the dialog. If it was a choice to sit through this entire movie or be eaten by an alien, I think I'd take the alien. Just my opinion though.

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    Hey, if you want to believe the critics then go see the movie. I do not care that I wasted money seeing this movie however what bothers me is the 1 hour and 30 minutes of my life I wasted watching it.
  9. 3 of the 4 were user reviews.
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    IMDB is a wste.
    Kids can vote for thier favorite clear thier cookies and do it again. They di this constantly and its been addressed by tracking the IP address or participants and low and behold many are cast from the movie giving movies a 10.
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    Saw the promo vids on Myspace, and thought it might be some common-man perspective of, say, a Zombie outbreak or alien invasion.

    Godzilla-esque monster? Yawn. Blair Witch style remake..... :roll: ....DON'T get me started on that.....
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    movie looks stupid but concept is really good.
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    It's good to know there's people out there willing to waste some $ to see a sucky movie, and have the thoughtfulness to warn me not to see it. Thanks for the heads up!
  14. I just read that it made ~18 million, they were expecting more like >40 million. fail.
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    Well For the last 10 years I think I picked 99% of all the movies my wife and I have seen. So I told her she could pick five in a row. So far she brought me to enchanted (no comment, well much better than this one), This one, next was going to be 27 dresses. Well we are going to see Rambo this weekend. Relationships are give and take. So now I will be taking.
  16. Ridge

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    I went last night and absolutely loved it...the only thing this shares in common with Blair Witch is handheld camera...the only thing it shares with Godzilla is NYC is attacked...I was on the edge of my seat for most of the movie...did you guys even stay long enough for the parasites? Those were scary little bastards...

    I personally like seeing movies that make me think about what is going on...seeing a movie where all the info is spoon-fed to me makes me file like Im mentally retarded...
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    I saw it last night and I must say it was a disappointment. I like creatures tearing up cities and eating people and putting our forces to the test but the way it was filmed was not what I thought it was. We got there a half our beforehand and were stuck near the front. Needless to say we all have weak stomachs and got vertigo pretty bad. One kid actually got up and redecorated the isle with vommit. FUN! I saw a lot of symbology in the movie. It just kind of reminded me of how hard they were trying to make it a politically neutral movie. They haven't destroyed a building in a movie in 7 or 8 years and I don't think alot of people liked that it was New York that the creature was destorying. That's just my two cents on the whole thing. If you want to waste money and be sick by the end, then see this movie.
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    I liked it. It is a good representation of what sheeple will do if some BFM decided to come along and give everyone a bad day. The little ones were interesting. But seriously, who decides to stop walking when they see the rats running from something? at least in 28 days later they decided that they would rather be elsewhere right then. The exploding bit (heh, made a pun) reminds you that even something small can kill ya.