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    First I will say that I enjoyed this movie 10 times more than Cloverfield. The movie was very entertaining and the special effects were great with the .50 cal impacts. The acting needed some work but heck this is Rambo. There is some graphic scenes that children should not see and I don't mean Shooting.( the atrocities of war). My wife was getting upset at them. (Not a good first date movie). However in all fairness the movie was on par with the other Rambo's not as good as them but entertaining. Without Richard Crenna was like not having Burgess Meredith in Rocky. Combat scenes were incredible. If you have nothing to do and want to get out of the house, go see this without the old lady. Would be a great rental movie on a rainy day. Let me know what you others think.
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    Wanting to see this. Now, I'm not usually one for overmarketed films, but this is RAMBO! When it comes to a classic movie franchise being produced by the original crew, you have to respect the work. It's a bit of true American culture (Much like my viewing of the next Indiana Jones will be).

    Besides, Cloverfield sucked. Hard. So loud you could hear the slurping in the car outside the cinema. Makes me mad that this was the first film I've seen while being out in 3 months.

    Can't wait for the spring when all the indie films hit before the summer blockbusters. Of course, the Dark Knight will be a summer film I'll gladly see.

  3. Dark Knight is going to ROCK, and it was one of the last movies Heath Ledger made.... Cool stuff. Can't wait to see Rambo!
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    I went and saw Rambo this afternoon. I knew it was probably going to suck but, I kinda enjoy those kind of movies more because I don't have any pre-conceived ideas going into it. I was pleasantly surprised, it was very entertaining and I must say the last 20 minutes of them fighting was my idea of a perfect Rambo movie. I could do without the ending but oh well. Definitely worth a matinee.

    On a side note, I guess my age is beginning to show. My buddy and I walk in the theater and sitting right behind us in the 2nd row, the poster family for bad parenting Mom, Dad, 7 year old son and their newborn infant. I wanted so bad to turn around and say something but I figured anything I said would be lost on someone who actually thought it was a good idea to bring the kids to the R rated Rambo movie.
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    btw i dont know if it makes a difference to anyone but sly is a anti, not only that but a hypocrite because he also has a CC permit which is damn near mythical in CA.
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    I agree with Joe on that one. The constitution to him: This is not some 200 years ago...
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  8. Yep. The California gun community has documented the hypocrisy of celebrities pretty thoroughly. Stallone uses violence and guns to make a fortune, then encourages the adoption of laws outlawing all gun ownership by mere citizens. In his world, only the 'more equal' are allowed to protect themselves. :evil:
  9. For a topic of Rambo exists! I must post my favorite youtube clips. TURKISH RAMBO! [ame][/ame] SO bad makes me laugh till I cry.
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    I enjoyed Rambo alot. Some of the special effects were so gory that some in the audience laughed. It was really hard to suspend your disbelief at the effects in the movie. I laughed personally at the acting but you can't expect much more. I agree with jarhead1775 on it being 10 or more times better than Cloverfield. Any movie that makes you barf from dizzying camera action shouldn't be seen. I think the part I liked the most was the skill with a bow. You just don't see that anymore.
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    I just got back from watching Rambo, and I absolutely loved it! Easily the best one of the series. And I would know, I watched the entire series last week to get ready for this one!

    The effects were incredible. Though they were very gory. This movie was pure entertainment!
  12. don't go see the spartans. blows badly. i really want to see rambo and dark knight. i too have heard that cloverfield sucked.
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    Yes, meet the spartans is horrible!