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  1. hey guys any tucson shooters around movin to the city this weekend from ohio, be livin off pantano rd , and workin in the city, off of 4th , galfriend movin also shes workin in vail , any ideas here? places to shoot , eat, buy toys ? anything
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    I lived there from '76-'85. A must see is The Arizona Sonora Desert Museum.
    All kinds of flora and fauna that now will be surrounding you.
    A great place to take visitors that come to see you.

    Welcome to AZ

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    Can give better "To Do's" with a known age bracket or other hobby/interests that identifies your tastes.
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    If you have never been to one, Do not miss this!
    Well worth the drive to Phoenix. Easy access from freeway coming from Tucson so you won't get lost in another new city.

    38 days til .....
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  6. well i listed my hobbies eating an shooting hahahahh iam 49yrs old , in good health so anything is possible , hahahah
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    Well then, just head out to South Tucson on a Saturday night, find yourself an "authentic" Mexican food joint and, you just may well, get to combine your two favorite hobbies!

    What? You think I'm kiddin'.

    There is a chain all over town called "Lucky Wishbone". Greasy chicken and shrimp type place. I was addicted to their "Steak Fingers".

    Another tasty joint is the "Blue Willow". A tad more classy.

    You will find decent (most of the time) Mexican food at Casa Molina. They have a couple different locations. Try the Steak Picadillo. Tell them you want it with melted cheese on top.

    Do you speak spanish? If not, you will soon.
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    Amen to that. I live in phoenix, and just to understand some people/situations, its a good thing to know. If you look like agringo, then you will be talked about endlessly. Be aware of that. Just to turn the tides, answer in english a question they asked :twisted: I won over my ex's extended family (from colombia) and understood one uncle was asking if I spoke spanish... I was in the kitchen getting a plate for food and a glass for a drink and said"No, not much" Everyone erupted in laughter. After that, I was in.
  9. well thanks for the info guys headin out on the road thursday evening or friday morning , ill let yu all know when iam back up online :lol:
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    It might be just a one time thing, but you gotta go see Kartchner caverns. Head on down to Tombstone sometime too. There's Arizona's version of wine country farther south and east.

    Good luck with your move!

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    I live up in Casa Grande its about 60 miles north of you. If you ride dirtbikes/quads/dune buggies its great territory. Also if you camp down south towards the border is patagonia, which is beautiful, and also great hunting. Up north is cocinino which is a huge national forest. It is beautiful, and has lots of game in it. If you want a supervised range your kinda stuck. I know that most ranges are unsupervised meaning that the people don't know how to conduct themselves (i.e. pointing guns at people, not controlling their children, not using appropriate range distances, putting targets 5 yards down on the 300 yards range stuff like that.) But there is plenty of desert that is great to shoot in and its great for small game if you like to shoot rabbits (don't eat the jackrabbit) Other than that just random adventuring is fun, take a backpack and head out into the desert, im sure you can find ways to entertain yourself :D