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  1. Went to the range to double check the zero on my Barska Scope, @25 yards. Used Federal Auto match 40 grain ammo, 100 rounds used, 1 FTF.
    The head shots and left shoulder on target were done standing up, all others I used my bi pod for stability. I am pretty happy with it! Fun and cheap gun to shoot, so far I have put only about 180 rounds through it dialing and testing ammo but results to me are pleasing :) After buying this gun it's as much fun as my 995TS :) Thanks! 20190726_152241.jpg

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    I am stunned the Federal Match worked. My 15-22 hates it. I need to clean the booger and lube it up. I have one I bought at Rural King that came without the Magpul irons. It came with a S&W Chinese R/D and a nice gun bag. Never shot it. Just sitting in the safe.
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    It’s funny how ammo and guns work. Everyone says CCI mini mags are the answer in a 10/22, but 4 of my 5 won’t shoot it for crap.

    Every gun is an individual. Gotta find the food they like, once you do, they can be amazing.
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  4. So far mine like the Federal Auto match and definitely CCI mini mags, i tried the Federal 40 grain ( says its made for semi auto guns) because for 325 round box for 20 bucks it was worth a shot (buh dum tsss)
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  5. I am actually surprised too, i can tell while i was shooting, some of the rounds BARELY cycled the bolt, and others were no problem, but all fed except one round, the firing pin hit it but no boom. I'll use up what I have left and see if im gonna buy another box of it :)
  6. Get that baby out and let it breathe! Lol I have an extra SightMark red dot scope ( looks similiar like an Eotech) that came with mine but no iron sights from previous owner. I have a rear sight for it but no front yet

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    Winchester makes M-22 which is designed for the 15-22. CCI makes a round for them too. Minimags work I tried a few pol coated CCI's. Not sure about them. Shooting them at aluminum frying pans on hanging on the fence last year after dark using a light and dot scope. 25yds(?) I need to step it off some day.
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  8. I've learned, not all Mini-Mags are the same. There's round nosed mini-mags and there's hollow point mini-mags. The 50/100 round plastic boxes are the best. Bulk MM isn't. I've never had a problem with round nose, not even in my (now) daughter's Walther P22 where nothing else will cycle more than five or six rounds from a mag. Over 7,000 flawless rounds... of round nose.

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    If you really want to fuck something up use the CCI Stingers. It is designed to max out in a 18" barrel so it should be pretty good in our 16's.
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    mine has digested everything ive put in it , automatch and thunderbolts included .these are great firearms , a whole hell of a lot of fun
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