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    You have been hearing about it on CNN. I had this once and have even wrote to CNN and they never responded. This virus lives in our nose. everyone has it (STAPH). It has to come into contact with a wound or sore. My mistake was using the bathroom in the woods when my truck broke down. Somehow it got transfered to my behind. The doctor drilled so many holes in my backside all the way to the groin. Believe me, If it's cold and you wipe your nose, don't touch any part of your body that will take this virus. It has killed more people than AIDS. Thats why I'm so upset at CNN for not telling how it gets transfered. I didn't have insurance at the time and it cost me around $4000.00 dollars. Come to find out, I had poison oak an from scratching I transfered it to my behind.
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    I hardly think it's CNN's fault of "Faulty Reporting". It's just one of those cruel jokes of microbiology.

    Some 3rd string writer probably came across it on Wikipedia and it fit the timecount for a segment at 3:30 in the afternoon on a Tuesday so he could clear his paycheck.

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    Your wrong on many counts, but thats ok many people are. Don't get me wrong, your not dumb just misinformed.
    I am a registered nurse and will help you here.

    1. MRSA Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus is first not a virus,
    its a bacterium. Many virus like HIV Virus, have an ability to code your DNA to thiers, in other words HIV doesnt grow in your body, your body produces it becasue the virus imprinted every cell it comes in contact with to "make" a cell with HIV.

    2. Bacterium are more like plants and actually need nurishment its like the cells you can see in a microscope. Bacterium can be killed by antibiotics. Virus cannot be killed by antibiotics.
    HIV is close to terminal and will result in your eventual death from infection of opportunistic infection.
    MRSA is not a death sentence. It is treatable but many went home and never fully finished thier treatments, leaving extra antibiotics in the med cabinet for "in case I get it again" thus antibioticsnever finished thier job because of very stuborn ignorant people. IF people had taken antibiotics like they should and quit asking the doctor for antibiotics for the cold MRSA would simply be a Staph a simple infection.
    I treat the elderly with MRSA and heal them up fine as they are under close monitored care of IV antibiotics and proper nutrition.

    3.Bears sh#t in the wood all the time and dont get it. You did NOT get it from a backwoods bathroom its from someone you came in contact with. Proper handwashing would have prevented this.

    4. Yes you got the nose right! It will harbour in the nose because our fingers go there after shaking a contaminated hand. It loves the nose! It loves feet in shoes all day.

    5. CNN? Watch FoxNews, it all over the place. It's also not thier responsiblity to inform you to wash your hands and wash them properly. Nor is it hier responsiblity to tell you to do as your doctor says BY THE BOOK.

    6. I do dissagree that it's killed more than AIDS. this year 2008, it is expected that 100% of people in Africa will have HIV. You dont DIE from AIDS its the infections that you are suseptable to. I know I have read where they think it's killed more, but I work the fron line in skilled nursing.

    7. Unlike popular wives tales EVERYONE is allergic to poison ivy, poison sumak ect. And no, it cannot change from poison substance to bacterium or even virus.

    8. No not everyone has staph or is a carrier. I'm tested yearly and don't hve it and NO I'm not immune, I wash my hands and wear gloves.

    9. Now wash your hands UNDER running water with soap (does not have to be scolding hot just warm) antibacterial works fine so does LYE soap. Wash your hands and sing the happy birthday song 2 times and your done. Wipe hands with paper towel and use a fresh paper towel to hold the faucet and turn it off. *(you turned it on with dirty hands)

    NOW you know.
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    Ok Griff I know you were serious but I couldn't help laughin. You have a sence of humor of a different flavor.

    Sorry for the thread jack.
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    I believe the AIDS reference was US only. In the US MRSA is responsible for more deaths than US AIDS deaths. As Griff already pointed out, not everybody is carrying around staph in their noeses, let alone MRSA. In the US about 31.6% carry Staph and 0.84 carry MRSA.
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    There IS a case of an HIV paitent who has clinically registered as being in FULL remission (If that term applies to a virus..) from the Virus, but has had it up to his ears with the BS after 10 years he simply returned to his old job at a Sandwich shop. The government keeps offering him compensation in order to research the phenomenom more every time he goes in for his checkups (Which still register as zero) but he declines every time. Under UK medical rights, they will not release his name nor will they force him.

    Just thought it was an interesting tidbit. Thread hijack ended. Back to your regular program.
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    Your right!
    Also Magic Johnson tested negative.
    There were books on this and MANY Brits are absolutely IMMUNE to HIV. Its so like a previous outbreak that one may be immune, the CD4 gene from our cousins accross the sea may hold a vaccine. A vaccine is not a CURE but an abatement to the plague.
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    I know it's a hot topic in the UK lately, especially with a country that prides itself on it's medical technology. With a higher-than-average "False Positives" actually being re-examined as a possible case of HIV resistance, there's alot of pressure on the UK to begin to release certain patient files in order to intensify the research into just why these results keep turning up more frequent in a small country than in a region such as Central Africa where an infinite number more subjects are infected with a far less frequent rate of False Positives.

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    . Unlike popular wives tales EVERYONE is allergic to poison ivy, poison sumak ect. And no, it cannot change from poison substance to bacterium or even virus.

    Sorry, Not an old wives tale. I am NOT allergic to this stuff I have handled it for years and NEVER had any trouble I don't know how many times I have been thru patches of it in fires and never had it bother me :D
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    The reaction caused by poison-ivy, urushiol-induced contact dermatitis, is an allergic reaction. Around 15% to 30% of people have no allergic response, but most if not all will become sensitized over time with repeated or more concentrated exposure to urushiol.

    Note that reactions that worsen over time may reflect an anaphylactoid semiology and can therefore be dangerous, even life-threatening.
  11. I love the topic of MRSA. CNN is a joke, anything to get a story and creat fear. I have worked on dermatology for a long time, and the rates of infection have not increased. Anyways I won't step on that soap box.
  12. I was a FF/Medic in the Air Force, would never be a medic on the civilian side. Too much nasties crawling around...and they have diseases too :roll:

    HIV is a weak, pathetic virus. It cannot live outside of the body period. Hep B can survive being in a dried drop of blood for weeks, but there are vaccines for that.

    MRSA is nasty if you are immuno-compromised, very young or old, but otherwise it isn't that bad.

    Anthrax is also a minor inconvenience. It can be found on cattle and sheep farms across the country. It'll give you a nice rash for awhile. Its only when its manufactured and purified that its an issue.

    That leaves influenza. The right strain can have devastating results on the otherwise healthy (1918 Spanich Flu anyone?). Avian Flu doesn't appear to have the required genes to cross the airborne barrier, but it its able to mutate and become airborne, then it could rival the 1918 epidemic.
  13. I have always been alergic to poison ivy, my brother when younger could pick it up and rub it on his face and never have any adverse affects. As he got older all of the sudden now he breaks out worse than I do.
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    Allergies are like that I've noticed. When I was a kid, I didn't care for onions at all but could tolerate it on occasion.

    Now? VERY allergic to it! Even ended up in the hospital twice for allergic reactions to onions (even got that ?cortizone? shot from hell to keep me about SUCK). Must be part of the aging process or something.
  15. That is what I think too. My brother and I are not getting any younger, thats for sure LOL
  16. In 1999 my wifes disabled first cousin was admitted to the hospital for pneumonia, two weeks later I carried her casket from the Hearst to her grave. She got Staph while in the hospital and due to an extremely weakened immune system she had major complications that resulted in her death.

    A co-worker had major back surgery, in same hospital, a few years back. Several days after surgery his incision area started showing signs of major infection. Three surgery's later to remove infected skin and meat he made a full and complete recovery. Yep, Staph.

    Two more co-workers have had major Staph infections over the last year and half. One lady who works in the lab had it on the outside of her nose. Other co-worker looked like he had shingles.

    A friend has a 9mo old baby. She has been in the hospital twice since she was born for staph infections. Currently she is making a nice recovery and doing very well.

    I had back surgery on the 11th and was not worried about the surgery, my concerns were keeping my incision site clean, washing my hands religiously so I didnt have any problems with infection, especially Staph. Like griff30 said, Staph is treatable and it is preventable provided you follow simple instruction and use common sense about sanitation.

    Keep those booger hooks clean!!! Getting Staph on your "third leg", when you go to the restroom, could be a very very bad thing if they have to remove the infected tissue to keep it from spreading. Something to think about.
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    Rim That is almost up there with a super scary story. Only difference is it is not fiction.

    When in Iraq many many troopies got very sick Ie diarrea vomiting and the works.

    Why, going to the potty and then not washing hands. Another is guys chewing there fingernails.

    One of my favortites was they were sharing the coffe stir spoon. I came in to the CP and watched one guy stir his coffee then lick the spoon clean. Next guy picked up the spoon stired his coffee then licked the spoon.

    I used my pen to stir my coffee. I know were it has been.

    Simple hygene does wonders.

    Many people also neglect the simple task of brushing there teeth. This believe it or not will greatly reduce the common cold and other sicknesses.

    Not to mention you will feel better. IE have more energy and feel less grougy.
  18. When I was 17, my mom had a staph infection in her nose, don't know where she got it from...

    After 3 months on IV antibiotics that she self administered through a shunt in her arm, she got better enough to have plastic surgury to rebuild her nose. The Staph killed the cartilage in her nose so that once the infection was gone, her nose had no shape. It was touch and go there for a while as the doctors thought the staph had actually breached the blood/brain barrier, which would have been BAD....

    Yeah, Staph isn't good.
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    I've gotten staph on my legs twice as a result of getting poison ivy. Antibiotics did the trick, I avoid ivy, oak, sumac like nobody's business.