Mtn Bike Tube Proof Of Concept

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  1. I read a post on here somewhere that a bicycle inner tube made a good pressure switch mount. I thought the idea was genius. Wish I remembered who it was for credit. But they did not have pics so it didn't happen :eek:

    It's happened now, :D and the pure genius still applies. :cool: The tube in the pic for size. The 1.95/2.125 is all that matters. Basically it means it fits a 2" wide rim, typically used on mountain bikes. Stop by your LBS (local bike shop) and ask to dig in their garbage can, if you don't already have one.

    The size is perfect on the HP fore grip. Tight enough to be really snug, but not too tight to get it on. It does take a little effort, but that's a good thing. I would guess the tube would fit most any grip a little smaller or a little larger in diameter.

    I did not clean the tube before I put it on. You can shine them up if you like. But it is absolutely perfect to hold the pressure switch in the perfect position (for me) to squeeze, while also giving it a little protection.

    If you want an inexpensive light that is really bright and comes with the scope mount, pressure switch, battery, and charger, you can't beat this with a stick.

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    And you get a gold star . . . for providing all the pictures.:D

    In addition to holding the pressure switch, it looks like it makes a great grip for those hot, sweaty, Summer days we're all in right now. A two-for-one is always good. I'd need some one pistol grip as well, if I weren't already using tennis racket tape.

  3. The rubber is much "grippier" than that plastic
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    And this, ladies and gentlemen, is why ranger bands rock.

    I know, they were used to quiet strapping, but they are just short of zip ties for versatility
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    Nice write up, detailed parts lists and pix! :D
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    That is definitely genius!!!