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    who else uses them. i have several pairs of these things. i use my leatherman more then any others i have combined. i also have one of those nifty little swiss tech tools thats great. my wife calls me a gadget junky. i must say that she is RIGHT!! :D why is she always right?
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    Because you married that woman, and you love her. :) That's why she's always right.

    I love my leatherman, I have an older model of leatherman, has a ruler on the back of it, has it's own leather belt holder, and has came in handy many times. I bought it off of a guy at work, he bought a new Gerber Suspension and was downgrading the leatherman he had previously. I told him "I'll give you $10 for the leatherman if you don't think it's worth a [email protected]" ... He dropped it on my desk the next morning, held out his hand and said "That'll be $10 dollars, please" ... Couldn't have made a better decision on that one!

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    I have the same Leatherman Strangerous has, my Father in Law bought if for my birthday 14 yrs ago. Since then I have sent it back for warrenty work twice. Both times the problem was caused by me. I twisted the head on the little sscrew driver, and snapped the blade working on my truck. Both times I included a letter stating such, both times the sent the letter back with the repair tool.
    That is another example of old fashioned customer service.
  4. I have about half a dozen of them and they are all different. One of them has a small led flashlight on it. One has a nut driver set. I think they are great. I also have several different swiss style knives too.
  5. I have some multi tools too in my EDC backpack. The one I carry is a cheap Winchester. I like it because it is spring loaded and has tool bits and came with a smaller multi took kit with scissors, finger nail clippers and file, tweezers.
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    I have the original Leatherman model in the leather sheath noted above. I bought it 20 years ago when I entered military service and it has spent most of the days since then on my belt. That sheath is well broken in, and the main blade could probably stand replacing, but it's still a completely functional bit of kit. I was given an early Gerber multi-tool around '91 or so, and I still have it (in a toolbox) but it just doesn't have the same fit, finish, and utility of the trusty ol' Leatherman.
  7. I carried the Buck Multi-tool up until I got this job. It's a little less technical and I haven't needed the tools as much. I'm waiting for the new Leatherman Skeletool CX to come to a store around here.
  8. I've never broken down and bought af ull size multi-tool. I do carry a gerber micro size on my ring of other goodies.
  9. I have a gerber that I really like and it goes everywhere with me. The great thing about it is that it has a locking mechanism for the tools when you flip them out.
  10. I have two of them... I use one for camping, and the other is handy on my range bag. I use that Gerber on every little old thing around the house and hardly use it when I go to the range.
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    My Gerber "Suspension" never sits anywhere that I am not! I also insist that all of my stagehands carry a multi-tool, mini-maglite and a roll of gaffer's tape because with those things you can fix ANYTHING!
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    i had a older pair of gerbers multi tool that i bought back around 92 or 93. well this said pair broke at the pivot part of the pliers about 3 years ago. i decided to send them in for repair (lifetime warranty). well they didnt fix them because they said the are out dated but they sent me a brand new multi tool along with my old one!!!! is that great or what!
  13. About 15 Gerber style Multi tools