Murder hits close to home.

Discussion in 'Lounge' started by rippinryno, Sep 12, 2015.

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    His ex father in law?
    There's an interesting story to this no doubt.
    Long festering family feud?
    May not have been the nice guy you knew him to be.

  3. rippinryno

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    I can assure you Andy was the nice guy that everybody knew him to be.

    This guy was there waiting for Andy to pick up his daughters. Then shot and killed him.
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    What was the wife like? The fact that they were meeting at a police station seems to indicate that the visits were somewhat contested events. If she was one of those vindictive exes, she may have had character flaws similar to her dad's and put him up to it.

  5. I've lost track of the number of times i have heard that about a person only to find out they were a horrible monster behind closed doors.

    Not saying it was so for this guy, but since I and most people didn't know him "behind doors", we can't say until the facts of the case state why the ex-FIL killed him.
  6. you just don't shoot some one for the hell of it

    what did he do to the daughters that grampa found out about ?:rolleyes:
    bet there's a lot more to this
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    Waiting to hear more on it. But somethings afoot. Rippy you should have all the info whats the deal. Perv got caught, wife beater, or crazy in-law or in-laws?????
  8. At 6:56 p.m. Friday, the sheriff’s office received a call about a house fire at 1258 Perbix Road, the home of Debbie Bartz, the mother of Andrew Maul.

    Welcome to family feud
  9. obviously you know this guy or you would not do a testimonial for him so -
    any updates what happened to your friends mom did the house burn was it
    the same guy ??
  10. rippinryno

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    I just know some of the basic information.

    The ex father in law, was in fact the childrens grandpa. They will have to now carry on knowing their grandpa killed their dad. I would think gramps came seperately. He crashed his pickup at some point and is still in the hospital. The kids were to be switched at the police station where the shooting went down.

    I was not on a personal level with Andy Maul and therefore know nothing about his family or personal situation. I used him for services and advice on several occasions as did MANY people. The guy knew his stuff, he built some of the best setups in the racing world, power and handling. He also designed and tested relentlessly. Had his own line of rear linkage for racing and was just a nut for the sport.