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  1. What do you guys have. Do you wish you had something different???? I am looking for a smoke pole that is a good quality and a good price.. (isnt that what we all want)

    Also what is accuracy like at say 100m??? the only one I have ever fired was my dads and that was almost 20 years ago. and im 29!!!! Dont really remember anything but my dad laughing at me when I droped S*** word on him lol. Glad he had a sence of humor about it lol...... I dont even know what kind he had it was a show piece most of the year until hunting season for muzzle came around.
  2. Is there any forums that you muzzleloader guys like I have been on a few and I have not been to impressed.. Any help would be great!

  3. I have a Traditions BuckHunter inline .50 cal with a 209 primer setup. I've killed deer with it out to over 100 yards stopping them in there tracks. Picked mine up from a pawn shop with a nice scope, and sling for $120 ! Heres a pic of lasts years buck shot with my muzzle loader.

  4. [​IMG]

    Those are my current muzzleloaders. Top one is the TC Cherokee .32cal for small game hunting. Middle is a TC New Englander .50cal and the lower is a TC Hawken .45cal, also have a .50cal barrel for the Hawken.

    My next ML'er will be either a .36 or .40cal flintlock. This will give me the best of both small and big game legal hunting rifle in my state and in an ignition system that will be easy to maintain for years to come.

    I am not an avid traditionalist but I do prefer the old percussion side lock or flint rifles over the modern inlines with scope, pellets and plastic saboted modern bullets. A good muzzleloading forum for those who like percussion, flint or cap-n-ball is but be advised that inline talk is a cardinal sin on that forum.
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    these folks are pretty friendly for the most part, and they have a traditional, and inline forum, as well as a cannon (miniature and full size) my favorite!!
    They also have many other "outdoorsy" type things, reloading, varying brands of firearms, etc. They, like many other firearms type forums, have their self-professed "experts" but weeding through will give a pretty good idea who is actually expert, and who is playing "expert"

    I also have several smokepole type weapons, from a couple of .451 "derringers" 1 single. 1 double barrel, to a couple of inline convertible 45/50, a couple of flinters as well. I happen to subscribe to the idea that gun-grabbers will try to get the cartridge type pistols first, then cartridge type rifles, it will be a while before we are down to atlatl's and slingshots, but they'll try that ultimately.

  6. My muzzleloaders - sorry no pics, yet

    .50 Southern Mountain rifle - flintlock - hand built (not kit)
    .45 Pennsylvania rifle - percussion - hand built
    .50 Pennsylvania - flintlock - Traditions
    .45 Hawken - percussion - T/C
    .45 Kentucky pistol - percussion - CVA kit
    .66 English Tower pistol - flintlock - unknown mfg
    .44 revolver - Navy Arms Model 60

    .52 Sharps New Model 1863 rifle - original - Civil War issue
    .52 Sharps New Model 1863 Carbine - original - Civil War issue
  7. Fired my uncle's Navy revolver when I was 8 or 9...dang thing chain fired ain't touched one since. I STILL have bad dreams :wink:
  8. lakota,

    What do you think of the Traditions flint lock rifle and the lock itself? Been looking at the Shenandoah .36cal in percussion or flint for a few years now, but something else always gets in the way. I know the Traditions rifles are less than period correct and can not compare to a custom built rifle by a long shot, but I really like the looks of the rifle.

    Wish they would make the Tennessee Rifle in something like .36cal because I love the looks of the short full stock rifle, just cant tolerate the .50cal recoil these days due to back problems.
  9. I like the Traditions. Don't shoot it much now that I have the Southern rifle, but it fired every time I pulled the trigger. Shouldered nice and seemed to have a nice balance. Have you looked at Dixie Gun Works? Think they offer a Tennessee in smaller calibers.