My 10/22 project.

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  1. browwiw

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    I'm currently upgrading my Ruger 10/22.

    Already installed are:

    Christie's Cocking Handle, Bolt Release and Mag Release

    Coming in the mail are:

    ATI Fiberforce Stock

    Buffer Technologies Recoil Buffer

    and a muzzle break

    I opted out of getting one of the .920 'bull barrels'. The factory barrel has given me more than satisfactory performance.

    Does anybody have any advice on the best quality extended magazines for the 10/22? I hear there are some duds out there. Thanks.

    I'll post pictures when the parts come in and I get it put together in a week or so.
  2. griff30

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    I have had no problems with 30 round ramlines.
    What are you using for sites? standard? My advice is a nice 3-9 50mm for that stock and maybe some well done cammo. Bull Barrels arnt that important unless you want sub moa. I wont hijack your thread though with pic of my 10/22, it not fair to you. I'd rather see your pic! Also I have a link for a nice scope here: that has lighted recticle very nice scope I have 2.

  3. browwiw

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    Well, here's a pic of my 10/22 as of today.


    Right now I have a Tasco 3-9 on it (cheapie Wal-Mart model). This is the rig that I was shooting groundhogs through the ears at 50 yards with.

    But, Ramlines, you say?
  4. browwiw

    browwiw Member

    And here's my 10/22 with all the new hard ware. Shoots very nice. Good enough for groundhogs.


  5. griff30

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    Sweet! The flash hider makes it look ferocious.
    Might I suggest the larger see thru scope mounts for 50mm scopes then you can always look under the scope and use irons. Thats my setup.
    The mag reslease is real nice. Look for ramline 30 round mags, I saw some 30 round mags in shotgun news last month for $6 apiece for 10 or more.
    Im debating on bullpup for my one of my 10/22s or cutting it down to an 8" barrel pistol with forward and rear pistol grips, but $200 tithing to the ATF for thier blessing stinks.
  6. browwiw

    browwiw Member

    I've already decided to get see-thrus, Griff. Besides the practical reason of the iron sights, with the current set up I have to remove the scope to take off the top of the stock. I'm also thinking about switching to a more traditional .22 oriented scope. I just happened to have that scope when I first got my 10/22 and it served well enough that I never bothered to change it out.

    And the muzzle break really does give an aggressive look to the ol' plinker, doesn't it? Between that and the stock it does look totally different from the "grandpa's gun" wooden stock setup.
  7. Man, will you guys knock it off already!!! Every time I get ready to do my 10/22, you guys come up with some better stuff. I'll never get this thing done unless I boycott this forum for a couple of months!! :wink:
  8. I think it's interesting the way people will "soup up" a 10/22. I'm more than happy with mine out of the box, but it's pretty amazing what you can do with them if you want to.
  9. browwiw,

    For a dedicated .22lr scope, and one that wont kill the wallet, I suggest looking into the Simmons .22Mag scopes. These come in 4x32, 3x9x32 and 3x9x32AO and can be had in either black or matt silver. The 22Mag series scopes have the parallax set at 50 yards on the non AO's and can be adjusted on the AO models. I paid $40 for my basic 22Mag 4x32 a couple years back and have been VERY happy with its performance and optic clarity since day one.

    I intend to pick up the 3x9x32AO in a few months and set it on the 10/22 using my current Weaver see thru ring set. The AO scope allows you to adjust the parallax setting for shooting really close in targets, mid range or max range without having POI issues due to parallax errors with the cross hairs. If you ever shoot .22's with an AO model scope you will be hard pressed to use anything else.

    When it comes to extended mags my preference is Butler Creek Steel Lips, with Butler Creek Hot Lips being second choice. The Steel Lips mags will last longer than other mags because they have steel feed lips and metal locking tabs instead of plastic like other mags do. Hot Lips are basically the same mag but have tough polymer feed lips and locking tabs, slightly cheaper than Steel Lips but still a very good mag.

    Strangerous has three of the Eagle brand 30rd mags and so far has not had any issues with them. The feed lips and locking tabs are made of the same plastic material as the bodys are so I am not sure how durable they will be in the long run. The Eagles were about half the price of my Hot Lips mags and are longer and slightly wider too.

    By the way, your 10/22 in the Fiberforce looks great! What brand muzzle brake did you get?

  10. jason865

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    very nice rifle you have there. Here is mine pretty much stock except I added a simmons 3x9x40, stoned the hammer, and polished the hammer, sear and disconector.

  11. Langford

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    I got the bug to start a 10/22 project last week. Tuesday I bought the gun, and tuesday night I started ordering parts.

    Here is how it looked when it was stock, just partially taken apart:


    Here is a progress pic I took yesterday:


    So far, I have a Raptor midnight stock, Green mountain 20"x.920" stainless fluted barrel, Leupold VX-II 4-12x40mm scope with Leupold QRW rings, and Leupold flip up caps, Volquartsen 2.5# target hammer, extended magazine release, exact edge extractor, along with a Ten22 Innovations shock stop bolt buffer, another Ruger 40th anniversary clear 10round magazine, and an E&L Manufacturing 10/22 dual-clip holder.

    Im still waiting on some of the internals to get here, so I wont put it all together until then (which should be tomorrow). I cant wait to get this gun finished up, it should be an awesome plinker. Once this one is finished up, I plan on starting a Krinker Plinker 10/22.