My 10/22

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  1. Nothing spectactular:


    Just a fine little stainless shooter with 4x Simmons scope...shoots the middle out of clay targets at 100 yds all day long....

    Been collecting the 25 rd steel feed lip "Butler Creek" mags before the next ban while their cheap.
    Been looking for a used blue one to put on a "Krinker Plinker" set up....

  2. I like it. Its clean and functional.

    Personally, I don't like the RIT stained ultra modified paper punchers.
  3. Thanks...I like her....never a ftf or fte...
  4. Love those plain jane 10/22's too. Bout the only add on feature I like is the Butler Creek folding stock, extended mag release and bolt buffer. In my opinion the Butler Creek folding stock is the best folder on the market and makes the 10/22 a sweet compact rifle that will go just about anywhere with you.

  5. A bolt buffer is a must have. Makes it a completely different rifle to shoot.
  6. Nice looking rifle you got there.

    Here's mine. A DSP with a Simmons 4x28 scope. I've added a cheap nylon Wally World Sling since I took the picture.


    And my wife's Wally World Special with a BSA 3x7 "22 scope."


    Shoot, just for giggles. My Marlin 39A. Bushnell "Banner" 3x7 scope.

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    I'll have to post a pic of my 10/22. Very, very accurate little gun. I had a groundhog problem in my garden this last summer and I had to institute a 'police action' against them. By about the 12th or 13th ground hog I was shooting them in one ear and out the other at a range of about 50 yds. The last one I shoot through the eyes, which freaked me out a little bit.
  8. CajunBass....

    That 39A is one sweet looking rifle you got, its definitely a keeper and something you can pass down to younger generations.
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    I'm liking that plot of land he has. I'd like to try homesteading when I retire. Pfft, if I ever get to retire.
  10. I wish I could say it's mine, but we just rent there. Still it is a beautiful place.

    That's the Rapadan River in the background.

    A couple of views in the summertime.



    The electric fence keeps the goats in. :D
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    Very lovely. Every new issue of Mother Earth News makes me wish I had a few undeveloped acres to experiment with sustainable living on.
  12. Cajun, even though you just rent, you have a beautiful place there. Looking at that picture really made me homesick. I miss trees and ponds and rivers... This western desert wasteland is for the birds....
  13. I didn't mean to hijack Joes thread, but you're right PS. We were truly blessed when the Lord led us to this place.
  14. Just be a good steward of what God has given you CB. If you do that, He will continue to Bless you as only He can.

    I wanna go home....