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My $150 Hi-Point

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OK, here is my Hi-Point story. A month ago, I sold a motorcycle to a guy who could no longer afford to put gas in his '87 Blazer. When he came to pick up the bike, he was $100 short of the agreed selling price. Turns out, he just left the gun shop where he had picked up his NIB Hi-Point .40 S&W. So now he is freaking out 'cause his wife was going to kill him if he didn't come home with the bike, and he offers to trade me the gun in lieu of the remaining cash. I had never heard of HP at this time, but since I was already getting a good deal on the sale, I took him up on it. I even gave him $50 back since he threw in some extras. I got: the pistol, one extra mag, holster, box of 100 Remington UMC 180 gr. JHP, and a Hi-Point hat.

Two days later, I pick up a box of target loads and go to the range (aka, dad's farm), and there is good news and bad news. Bad news: the extra mag jams on every shot if it has more than 3 rounds loaded. Good news: the factor installed mag works flawlessly, pumping out 100 rounds of Winchester 125 gr. FMJ as well as 30 rounds of the UMC JHP. EMailed Hi-Point, they say, send us the defective mag, no questions asked. Five days later, new mag comes in mail, works like a charm (another 120 rounds down the range) and I have a new problem...

How do I explain to the wife where that new HP 995 camo stock w/ laser came from?!? On my way home, I had to drive past our local gunshop, and well, there it was, begging me for a good home with lots of ammo to eat... You guys aren't kidding about an addiction. I am already planning my next purchase (probably the C9... it's for the wife... no, really, it is... honest!). Anyway, thanks to Hi-Point for making a great gun and their remarkable service. And thanks also to everyone on this forum for your tips and feedback. This type of information exchange is, IMHO, just as valuable as the lifetime warranty.
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