My 1941 Izzy 91/30

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  1. Realized I have never taken a pic of it...
    1941 Izzy
    All number stamped matching (even bayonet)
    Took acetone to the stock...stripped off old flaky varnish
    3 coats of minwax red mahogany...3 coats tung oil favorite Nagant
    Ex.cond barrel (about 98%





    Pics do it no justice...I'm not very good at pics!
  2. elguapo

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    I like the color of that stock!

  3. M38 intrue M38 stock turned out about the same.
  4. +1

    And that leads to a question: why are laminated stocks in more demand than those of solid wood? Wood looks better than plywood, but are the lams more rare? What's the deal?
  6. Ari

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    Did the sights come white or did you do that?
  7. I did that with Brownell's laquer stik...good every color available.
  8. I picked up that exact same color to try on a couple of my stocks. I hope mine turn out as nice as yours did. I'm doing a Marlin Model 60 22 rifle right now. I'll give you guys some before and after pics when I "git er done" :wink: 8)
  9. Very very nice. I like it.

    I'm partial to the laminate stocks myself but that looks awesome.

    I love the way the contrast is on a laminate stock.
  10. Really really nice! I never thought of doing the sights with the paint stick, that makes a really nice rifle look that much better :)