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My 1st handgun

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I purchased a C9 for my first handgun. I have been researching for awhile now, but not really able to spend alot right now. I recently stumbled across this gun and was quite impressed with the articles I read about it.. Went to a popular sporting goods store here in KY to look at the Hipoint. Another gentleman was in the process of buying one also. After talking to him(not his first gun) and comparing what we had researched on the internet, I knew this was the gun for me at this time. So, for $129, I'm going to shoot, learn, and have fun with it.
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you got a great deal on your pistol, and your going to love it. i just stopped by a new gun store on the way home from work today....they had a hp 40 & 45....for $289 &$299 respectively. how ridiculous is that?
:welcome: from IL, glad to have ya on board.
Welcome to the forum from TN. Just relax and enjoy the C9. Great shooter for the money.
:welcome: from Ohio
:welcome: from Bama.
HP's were my first handgun as well, no complaints here. Welcome and enjoy!
:welcome: From SC
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