My 2 new purchases today..

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  1. I had a good day gunwise---

    I picked up this Rossi Pump .22 for $100 from a coworker-- this one is a clean shooter---- I used to dream of a rifle like this as a kid on our weekly trips to the Western Auto-- not a Rossi, but a gallery gun like this...


    This next one is one that I bought for my wife-- I got some wierd looks from two "good ole boys" at Gander Mtn today when I bought it--
    It is 1/3 my wife's Valentines Day present...her Taurus PT111MilPro.. :shock:


    And if she don't like it-- at the least, I have another good shooter... :D

  2. If she doesn't like it mayby you could duracoat it. I didn't even know they made those in pink.

  3. cd

    cd Guest

    my good buddy got one of them pink taurus' for his girlfriend there a few weeks ago and I am completely digging that .22, thats awesome!!
  4. I really like that .22 rifle too, sweet!
  5. Dude, shoot the dog!

    Sorry bud, I can't help it!!!!! LMAO!!!!!!

    Thanks for the laugh, that's awesome! I really hope your wife likes the gun, cuz I love dogs too and I would hate to see a dog lose it's life over my mirth.... :wink: :D :twisted:
  6. Kelotravolski

    Kelotravolski Member

    oh man... Pink guns... ah! Is it really worth a pink gun to get an adult woman to buy a gun? There has to be another way....
  7. condition1

    condition1 Member


    a THIRD of the valentines present??? Dump her and marry me. I'm a great cook....
  8. I told my fiance I would buy one of those for her and she laughed at me, and said ya right.
  9. My wife wouldn't have it.
    she wants my HP 45!
  10. my wife wants one...... I told her when she can shoot the 22, we'll get one of those.
  11. NWdude83

    NWdude83 Guest

    Does anyone know of any pink .22 pistols? My sister likes to shoot .22 and she would like one in pink.
  12. I think they're both good purchases dude.
  13. perry23117

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    by any chance where did you get that my wife wants one to
  14. Now if they had it in purple then my wife would want one.
  15. Kelotravolski

    Kelotravolski Member

    Yeah my GF thinks that guns should be EVIL BLACK! :twisted:

    She says

    "Pink guns look like toys."
    So ha ha neener neener.
  16. Have you ever smacked your GF on the rear for acting childish? LMAO! If you have, how hard did she hit you back?

    Neener neener, I haven't heard that since I was a kid....