My 22's.

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  1. I took some pictures of my 22 "collection" if you want to call it that.


    Marlin 39-A, Stevens 46, Remington 597, Ruger 10/22 Wally-World Special, Ruger 10/22 DSP.



    Ruger MK III, 22/45 BSA red dot, Ruger MK II, NRA endowment model, Ruger Single Six, 50 Anniversary, Bersa Firestorm.


    I need more 22's. Especially Rugers. :D
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  3. The Stevens 46 looks to be in vg shape, does it shoot well? Oh, wanna part with it?

    Rest of the collection looks real nice and should make for a relaxing day at the bench.
  4. Well, it's true you can't have too many guns; so it must follow you'll never have enough .22s.

    Nice group of rimfires you've got there, don't stop buying them now.
  5. No, that one's not for sale. A buddy of mine gave it to me years ago, after I gave him a fishing rod I knew he wanted. I also knew he didn't have any money to pay me for it, so I told him not to worry about it, I didn't use the rod anyway.. A few days later he came by with the rifle and insisted I take it. He said he didn't use it anyway and it couldn't hit the side of a barn. I told him I'd hold it for him.

    He moved to New Mexico a year or so later. Never came back for the rifle. Then he passed away suddenly. I guess one of my boys will get it one of these days.

    It sat in my gun cabinet for years, probably ten or so, and I never even shot it. Then one day when I was recovering from my heart surgery I got it out and cleaned it. Big chunks of lead came out of the barrel, I mean chunks. After I saw that, I took it to the range, and it's a pretty good shooter. Light as a feather, and a joy to hunt with. I don't hunt with it often, but will pull it out once in a while.
  6. That's alot of plinkin fun right there!
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    Very nice collection!!! :D
  8. Very nice collection. Makes me keep thinking that I need to get more 22s as well. I only have a Mark III 22/45 and a problem child Marlin 70.
  9. 3 of my .22 pistols:




    Rifles I have a stainless 10/22 with silver Simmons 4x scope and a Henry Goldenboy lever action.
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    This is a heck of a gun if you can find one and have some bucks
  11. I got it from an estate sale for $500...most I've ever spent on a .22

    But I've seen them at gunshows for $850! :eek:
  12. NRAJOE,

    An older gent I know has one of The Victor .22's and it has one of the sweetest triggers I ever felt on a factory gun. Fit and finish on those pistols is nothing short of being a work of art and well worth the price they command these days.
  13. Yeah, glad I found one....probably never would of bought one....
  14. All I can say is this:

    Of the 3 pistols and 1 rifle that I have, I am put to shame with the quality posted in this thread. Some great looking .22's here guys... Props big time!
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    Its good to have .22lr with ammo as expensive as it is.
  16. You know, I agree with you 100%, but even as expensive as ammo is today, it's cheaper than it used to be. When I was into shooting years ago, I remember paying 15-20 bucks a box for 9mm and 45 ammo. Back then there was no such thing as WWB, or Rem-UMC, Blazer Brass etc. There was Remington and Winchester, and Federal. That was it. And I was making a lot less money then than I am now. (This would have been in the early 80's)

    But 22's are both cheap and FUN! Guns and the ammo.