My 28.5" 995.

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  1. JMcDonald

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    I cut a little under 4" total off the 995, and added the ~3/4" butt plate t it. I did it partially so it might be a little bit easier for the GF to handle (did the same thing to her .22 also), but mostly just so I could have a more compact and quick weapon.



    The end piece is made out of a piece of wood that I shaped to fit the rear of the stock, and obviously painted black. The screws are simple wood screws that thread into holes drilled into the internal webbing of the stock. They are just there to hold it in place until I can run to the hardware store and get more fitting (and black) screws.

    Also, with the front sight I turned it upside down and drilled a small hole in the back of it so the front tab on the barrel shroud will sit firmly into it. I think it gave the gun a little cleaner look.

    But, overall Im very pleased with the way it turned out.
  2. wd6bgn

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    Wow, nice job. Of course it looks like the new stock will have an adjustable pull. Can't wait!!!

  3. JMcDonald

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    Yeah eventually I want to try to take the current stock, cut it almost down to the receiver, and add in some way to give it an adjustable LOP using the original end of the stock that I cut off. If nothing else, Ill just fit it on there using a pipe (it would look like most "tactical" stocks).

    But for now I am pretty pleased with how this feels. I cant wait to go shoot it again, but with finals coming up and the semester finish it might be a few weeks until I have the time :cry: .
  4. Great job! I've considered upending the sight as the base for a flashlight/laser bracket. If that sounds like something you want to pursue, we'll want more pix! (Heck, I wouldn't mind more pix as it is, particularly after the new screws!)
  5. AndrewST

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    Interesting. You seem to have done a pretty nice job. But I wonder if this is going to effect how the firearms shoots, maybe in the way of the mysterious ATI stock issue?
  6. Looks alot better with 4" taken off.
  7. deaconwagers

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    nice. keep us up to speed with how it shoots.
  8. Hmm. Definitely would be interested to know how it shoots. Good mod work.
  9. JMcDonald

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    As far as weight goes, it doesn't feel really any different. I mean, I only took off a few ounces out of 112. If I feel the recoil has increased or there is perhaps a balance problem, I might add some weight in the butt.

    Though, I am a little concerned that after the GF shoots it again I might be headed toward another 995 purchase, haha.

    Ill try to go shooting in the next few weekends, and Ill keep you posted with how it feels.