My 3 year old went on his first fishing trip today.....

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    So this morning at 5am my wife and our kids get up and start getting ready. We get the bags packed, load up and head out.

    Today was the first fishing trip for my 3 year old son.....

    So we take off down the road, and about 10 minutes later are pulling into the parking lot at todays spot. Mercy Medical Center.

    My son is going fishing today for the first time...except he is the fishing spot, the doctor is the fisherman.

    On Monday he thought it would be fun to eat a Nickel. A bright shiny, Nickel. After a few x-rays over a few days they decided it wasn't going to pass through the stomach, and a fishing trip was in order.

    Everything went great, the procedure was a simple scope into the stomach with a small mesh net on it to pluck out the Nickel. All in all it took about 20 minutes to be done and over with.

    The staff was fantastic with him, and as social as he is warmed right up to his doctors, and I think made a few new girlfriends out of the nursing staff. 8)

    While waiting in pre-op he managed to get a surgical mask and hat and pretend to be the doctor. All why being a little flirt.

    As per the doctor the foods have been soft and light, pudding was on the menu as well as some soup.

    I hope he doesn't eat anymore money soon, as we now have sitting in a jar the most expensive Nickel I have ever seen.
  2. LMAO!!!! That's funny. I bet they didn't lie when they said kids eat all the money, one way or another right?

  3. Brings a tear to my eye lol.

    Glad he is ok!
  4. SteveD

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    Odds are that will not be your last trip to the hospital with him. Been there done that :roll:
  5. god I didn't see that coming. hope the little guy learned his lesson on that one!
  6. shelbyzman

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    Glad to hear everything turned out ok :D
  7. Big +1 here :) And hang on to that nickel! Will be a great centerpiece for the story when he's all grown up ;)