My 380

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  1. when i first got the gun i took her to the range the next day and and sighted it in.

    It sat holstered for about a month untill i took her back out, but when i took it back out it was way off.

    So i sighted it in again and holstered it. Again this month it was off again. im not shooting any different i dont think same stand and it possible that my rear sights are being jarred around??

    Is there anything i should be doing differently?
  2. I don't think the rear sight would move from side to side. It is held in place with the screw. It is possible that the sight is pushed down in the holster and never fully pops back up. However, the recoil, IMHO, would jar the sight back into position.

    I've put 500+ rounds thru both my CF380 and C9 and the rear sight does not seem affected.

    When you re-sight, what are the adjustments you have to make? This might give a clue.

    Any ideas from the more experienced members?

  3. I usually have to adjust the leverage. not a whole lot but still have to. i have taken the rear sight off and cleaned it and put it back together. and the problem remains
  4. Are you using the same shooting stance each time? Are you using the same eye to sight with? More importantly are you using your dominant eye to sight with? See my post in "My wife's 380"

    It takes time and practice to get the hang of it. I've been shooting for 40 some odd years now and I still have off days and will go out on another day and be spot on again. My best advice would be to buy a decent .22 rimfire pistol such as a Ruger 22/45 or a S&W I forget the model name right now, I'm sure someone will jump in with the name. Anyway the .22's are cheap to shoot and will help you develop good shooting skills because you can afford to fire 300 - 400 rounds an outing.

    I've had such experiences and left the sights alone and went back on another day and everything was OK. Your frame of mind has a lot to do with your shooting abilities. If you're stressed out or worrying about something you'll most likely have an off day at the range.

    I hope this helps!