My .40/ First Impressions

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    Got my 4095 today. Stopped and bought 2 boxes of Perfecta flat nose at WallWorld.


    I don't like having the charging handle on the left side. Why Ma did this? Someone please explain. I want it on the right side. I see if it was on the left the bolt will not open far enough.

    It can be fired without a mag in the well. A feature I like on my JHP45.

    The sling looks mighty cheesy. Installed the clips, not the sling. I am guessing you have other brands you like better!

    I realize I am going to need to get mag holders for the buttstock and my belt! Possibly the side rails.

    I hand cycled 6 rounds when I got home with a JHP45 mag. It just didn't hold the bolt open on the last round. I wish I had known that before picking up the rifle. One mag at the range suxs.


    The trigger breaks better than my 45, and doesn't pinch it on the reset.

    An LEO was at the range and told me he was wanting to get one! I should have offered to let him shoot it. He lent me his Glock 27 G3 for a test drive. (.40 in case you didn't know.)

    I liked the forward grip. I have nothing to compare it to as I was a FG virgin!

    I got all giddy when I opened the box and saw black and shiny!

    Not much kick.

    I like the sights. It took some getting used to.

    I am going to look for the best prices on mags and Promags. Of course there is the yellow warning letter in the box! 10 rounds and I am just getting started having fun!

    For the price it can't be beat! One guy at the range had a .40, and a 9. I should have checked them out before I left.

    Worst thing is I have to come up with a name for it! I had one a little while ago, and I'm on my last beer. There is a partial jar of Firefly 100.7 proof in the fridge!
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    TNTRAILERTRASH Supporting Member

    BTW break in ammo was steel case Tulammo, and Remington UMC JHP's.

  3. ajole

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    NE Utah
    This was covered in at least three threads I can remember.

    Here's the explanation. It's a pistol grip carbine. Keep your right hand on the pistol grip, use your left to load. It gives you better control. Many high dollar carbines do this, not least of which is the H&K MP series.

    It's not supposed to fire without a mag in place.

    Nope. I like the basic sling, just like the one Uncle Sam gave me.

    Yes, you are.:)

    Don't cycle live rounds, the firing pin is the ejector. Don't worry, it will lock open on live fire. Unless you need to adjust the ejector, or your mags.
  4. Rachgier

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    I hate the left side handle design myself. It's that way so right handed people can keep their trigger hand on the grip while reloading like you would a pistol.

    The stock sling sucks but i modded my stock swivel to take a single point Blackhawk sling which i find fantastic on my 4095ts.

    45 and 40 mags are virtually identical with the exception of the follower and plastic spacer in the .40 mags. The .45 follower won't engage the LRHO tab on the 4095ts.

    The mag holders for the buttstock are awesome but if you want to put them on the side rails you will need to mod them yourself obviously.

    As far as only having one mag? That's why i bought 15 if them from mom and almost bought two more from an lgs yesterday.

    TNTRAILERTRASH Supporting Member

    I just did a field strip with a video on YT.

    And it still hits the firing pin without a mag. Missing a part? Maybe a defect from Ma?

    I don't touch a live round when ejecting. I have seen the pic of a hand splattered by a guy who tried to stop the round from falling on the ground. I do it over a soft surface.

    The fore grip I have looks shorter than the ones I saw in the video.
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    TNTRAILERTRASH Supporting Member

    And why is there a 1 7/8"x 5 1/2 piece of zinc coated flat steel in the box? :confused:
  7. greg_r

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    Congrats on your new 4095. Going to be my next purchase as one of the ranges around here only allow pistol calibers. (And I think a good hard cast 180 grain may penetrate the gristle plate on a wild hog pretty good too! :D)

    TNTRAILERTRASH Supporting Member

    Solid lead? One thing nice about a .40 is the nose is flat. You can drop them carefully on a drill press and make your own HP's!

    You know Henry repeating rifles makes .357 and .44 magnum lever guns? Hogs scare the poopy out of me. :eek:
  9. greg_r

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    I think hard cast lead would do well. Do not like hollowpoints. I watched a hog shot with a 40s&w compact handgun at about 20 yards and it dropped on the spot. I'm thinking 40 because the 9 does not carry enough bullet weight and the 45, even though it's one of my favorites, can't match the velocity.

    I have seen a hollow point 44 stopped by the gristle plate. Opened up wonderfully but only penetrated a few inches.

    TNTRAILERTRASH Supporting Member

    I'll bring the BBQ sauce and Hickory to smoke that hog!
  11. greg_r

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    Don't forget the Apple wood. (Oops, just gave up part of the secret to "Greg's slap your mama" pulled pork)

    TNTRAILERTRASH Supporting Member

    Not true according to the tech at HiPoint I just talked to. 5th try I got through!
  13. Rachgier

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    Yep. Bolt closed with a round in the chamber and no mag in, the carbine will fire. That's why I use the handy dandy chamber flag here at home when it's being stored with the bolt closed. Gives the old lady a sense of security and stuff.
  14. ajole

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    NE Utah
    Yep, my bad, I confused pistol and carbine knowledge.:(

    Oh, that zinc just keeps the barrel from punching through the box.;)

    And the live round thing has nothing to do with catching it. It can go off in the gun, though it is rare. Get snap caps.
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  15. Pip

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    Snap caps are the way to go. I use them to practice combat reloading with my 12 gauge. Look / feel / and weigh about the same as live ammo.