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  1. Got torn up today :-(

    I went to dicks to take advantage a ruger 10/22 with extra mag. For $189.99

    Filled everything out. He went to call in to the ATF and realized my drivers lisense is my last adress. And my change of adress card hasn't come in yet.

    Talk about a freaking bummer.
    Got my wife to say yes, waited for it to be on sale. Only to loose out because I was to lazy to change my adress as soon as we moved.
    It was my parents house so we got all our mail and I never worried about changing it.

    Then I didn't want to lie on the form, even though I could have easily claimed residency at my last adress.

    My biggest set back is that by the time my card comes in the sale will be over and I'll be stuck either not getting it. Or paying the normal. $220
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    Ask for a rain check

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    Damn... that sucks man. Can't you change it online and print out the temporary one, think you can in PA.
  5. I'm not sure. My wife changed it online like 3 days ago. Didn't think to look for a temp I will check that out.

    That's an idea I wish I would have done. Never thought about that.
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    Which model 10/22 was it?

    I have seem as low as $179 online pricing.

    PSA pricing
  7. Pretty walnut stock.

    I have seen them online in the ball park. another $20 for transfer. puts it almost normal price in store.
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    $189 with laser
  9. Thanks for the link, if they go back up before i get the chance to go back with my card, i will probably order.

    I dont get the laser on it thought, seems like a ridiculous gimmick.

    someone said "hey, how can we make this gun cost more than normal but not more than the take down model. I know! ADD A LASER!!"
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    How about a navy blue SS takedown for $260??


    PSA Link
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    It's good to not want to lie...but seriously...all you had to do was tell the salesman the deal. He'd have probably done what was needed, and you'd have the gun.

    Not to mention...if your license says an address, and the government that needs your info hasn't yet been able to get you a new ID with your new one, then that's a perfectly good address. If they ever needed to trace you down, it would be easy given that information, it's not as if you'd be avoiding or hiding anything by using that address.

    It's not a big issue, at all. People move, things take time.