My 4th HP

Discussion in 'Hi-Point Pistols' started by unclerob, Oct 20, 2007.

  1. unclerob

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    Got it today at a show in Phoenix.

    C9 Comp, 10 Round & Fobus $110.00


  2. Maverick

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    I think the C9-Comp is the best looking of all the HP pistols. Add in that slick holster and you have a nice setup!
  3. Ari

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    Very nice
  4. Crikey - that was deal! Nice set up.
  5. As many have said: a very good deal.

    Go in peace, a state enforced by strength of arms.
  6. unclerob

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    Thanks guys.

    I went to the show this morning. It was a small turnout for both sellers and buyers.
    The C9 Comp was on the table with a price tag of $125.
    I passed on it.
    I went home and got to thinking about it for a couple of hours and went back.
    The gun was still there so I offered $100.
    He said make it $110 and I will throw in a fobus holster.
    Done deal.
  7. Nice pistol, great deal and good choice. Way to go unclerob!
  8. unclerob

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    Took it out yesterday. Put 50 S&B 115 gr and 50 Blazer 115 gr through it.
    100% problem free.
    Of all my Hi-Point pistols, this is the smoothest, straightest shooter I own!!
    This unit had about 1000 rounds through it before I got it.
    Amazing difference between my "brand new" C9 compact and this used , broken in, C9 compensated.
    Makes me really look forward to breaking in my "brand new" C9 compact and my "brand new" JHP45. Both have only a couple hundred rounds through them so far.
    Hi-Points ... like a fine wine! LOL