my 4th trip to the range with my c9

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  1. after school i just can't fight the urge to shoot so i stop by wal-mart to pick us 200 rd of wwb, and some self made target( 8"x11"xerox papers + 1/4" stickers).

    this is after about 20-30rd, the best 10rd(with the new 10rd mag) i have ever done in 25ft.


    today i shot most of them in 20~25ft most of them come up like this (with one 10rd mag and one 8rd mag)


    before i left i decide to mess around 50ft:

    way off, still need lots work.

    i have to cut the day short (only shoot about 150rd) due to some jackasses next to me showing off his 44 magun, that shit is too big indoor, when he pull the trigger the shock wave make my aim off. i dislike those idiots use the gun they can't control. he miss his target within 5~7ft... i just over hear him and his buddy right before i left, mention something about won't shoot anything smaller than a 40, can't even kill a rat etc...
  2. also, like lots of use i encounter the miss feed at the last round of my new 10rd mag. it happened twice, so after the second time i only load up 9rd and it shoot smoothly. i remember someone here have the same issues and in time when the spring loosen up a bit the problem will be gone. however, today as long as i only load 9rd in my mag, not a single shot ftf.

  3. Yeah sounds like the mag needs to more rounds fed through it!!!! :mrgreen:

    Good shooting man. that 50' target looks good. That is a long way with a 3.5" barrel. Good shooting
  4. My friend that introduced me to Hi Point weapons bought a 10 rd mag for his C9 and it gave him a little problem at first, but then smoothed out and works fine now.
  5. it happen at first with my 8rd mag too. i don't know if anyone here did the same, but this is what i did to my 8rd mag i would load up my mag and leave it in my gun case when i'm not shooting, about a week and half later it work flawlessly. i'm doing the same for my 10mag right now hope it will work.
  6. That is a common suggestion as a place to start
  7. Good shooting oldnoob, nice groups too, even at 50ft.

    Loading up the mags and letting them sit is a great idea, and that should solve your problems.
  8. I had this trouble with my c9. Primal suggested the above procedure, and it (actually) worked, so (at least about this) he knows what he's talking about. :wink:
  9. I had to do that with all of my 995 mags, and it fixed the problem pretty quick. Experience is the best teacher.