My 5th Hi-Point

Discussion in 'Vintage Topic Archive (Sept - 2009)' started by unclerob, Oct 23, 2007.

  1. unclerob

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    Got it today. Pre-owned, like new, in hard case, w/ box of ammo =$99 OTD.

  2. :shock: damn how did that happen and why cant I find one that cheap

  3. unclerob

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    Got it from the local HP dealer. Some poor schmuck bought it and then a couple days later came back with his wife and sold it back to the dealer.

    Got my "Like new" JHP45 from the same place. $129 OTD.

    Got my 995 there Brand new!

    Great shop with new, used and milsurp.
  4. dude, i think you ought to be our official supplier!
  5. +1
  6. unclerob

    unclerob Member

    This is my first ever .380.
  7. Thayldt21

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    Well a bill I am jealous, good steal unclerob.
  8. Beautiful .380!!! Yep, I am still jealous!
  9. Shouldn't you take a family picture?
  10. billybybose

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    way ta go homie!If I had the cash I'd road trip up there and stock up.Whats the name of the place.
  11. Congrats! Besides paying for the ammo you will really enjoy the CF380.

  12. ab4ka

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    good deal! So far the only used Hi-Point I've seen around here is the one I was selling. I really want a .45...maybe it's time to start sucking up to Santa :D
  13. I think that you are really going to like that .380 I bough 1 for my wife and we love it. Its a great gun after 200 rounds threw it we have not had a single problem with it.
  14. I have the .380. It was my first Hi-Point. It's fun to shoot and a good weapon. Have 120 rounds through t wo far with no problems.
  15. unclerob

    unclerob Member

    Well, I just returned from a trip to the range to try the "New" .380.

    No damn wonder this guy's wife brought him back to sell it back to the dealer.

    I started to load the CCI blazers into the mag and they would hardly fit past the tight feed lips.

    I refrained from bending anything till I got the mag loaded and in the gun.

    Round would not chamber. Nose dive bigtime! I removed the mag and set it aside.

    I had taken with me, my hicap C9 mag. Loaded it up, slapped it around a little, slammed it into the .380 and abra-cadabra I had a problem free gun!! Yipee!

    Unloaded the other problem mag, tweeked the lips apart and I was in business.

    I had 1 FTE because I LW'd it. I corrected the root cause of the user error and all is well in paradise!
  16. and you didn't give up on it! I suspect some tuning is in your future with the new baby, but I also suspect you'll nail this one.

    Way to go - and I love the idea of pics of the whole family. Yes, I do!
  17. unclerob

    unclerob Member

    The WHOLE family or the whole Hi-Point family.
  18. JoeDoe22

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    If youve got pics of the WHOLE family you know everyone here wants to see them :)