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    Took my C9 shooting today for the second time. I only put about 100rds through the first time and had a few failure to feeds. So last night I polished the feed ramp and tweaked both of the magazines to see if that would solve the problem.

    I took my 15 yr old daughter with me who has been deer hunting for about 8 years and is fairly proficient with a shotgun. However she has never held a handgun before, and since the primary reason for buying this gun was quick access self defense in the home, I thought she should learn to use it. We live in the sticks and she is home alone quite often.

    So we put about 300rds through it of varying types. That is to say I put about 30 through it, she did the rest. As for her ability to use the thing. I must admit Im a little ashamed and impressed at the same time. She is by far superior to me in accuracy.

    We fired from 5, 10, 15, and 20 yards. Once she was comfortable with her grip and how to hold her sight picture, she was about 90% center mass. With a good portion of those shots being in very tight group. She completely removed the bullseye on 3 seperate targets.

    On to the ammo. As I mentioned I tweaked the mags and polished the feed ramp. So I was hoping for a very smooth day. For the most part I wasnt too disappointed. Using brass we had 2 nosedives which I think were due to her limp wristing. However using steel case we managed to fail to feed about every 3rd round. I loaded the extended mag with every other round steel then brass to see if I could tell the difference in feeds. Every brass would feed fine and then fail to feed the following steel. The steel had too many feed issues to count in both the 10rd and 8rd mags.

    My immediate assumption would be that this particular gun just isnt broken in enough or just plain doesnt like steel case. So for the time being I will use brass. I know it feeds the brass just fine in a few different brands in both FMJ and HP.
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    Welcome to HPFF!

    Sounds like a good day, all things considered...
    No problems with steel case in a JHP or a 40 cal carbine, for me.
    C9 is a bit more picky.

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    Welcome cope! Glad you had a good day shooting with your daughter.
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    Yeah. Both of my C9's are certainly a "little" more ammo sensitive than my JHP is...that thing would cycle a toilet if I could get it to detonate in the chamber. I have ran about 150 rounds of Tula steel cased through the JHP without a single issue. I love a 180 dollar handgun that will do that! :cool: