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Discussion in 'Gun Gallery' started by dave against the machine, Dec 30, 2007.

  1. Here is my own collection. It's a little blurry.
    My 995 should be added to my collection in a couple weeks.

    My Yugo AK
    Norinco SKS
    44 Izz M44
    40 Tula M91/30
    Ruger .45 P90

    Can't wait to get my 995. My gun rack only hold 4 rifles. I'm gonna need another. Then 3 more guns
  2. Jarhead1775

    Jarhead1775 Guest

    Very Nice. A great beginning to your collection. In ten years I bet you have 30-40 more weapons.. :shock:

  3. Ari

    Ari Guest

    Great start
  4. Silicon Wolverine

    Silicon Wolverine Well-Known Member

    good start. Next thing you know the black rifle bug will bite.

  5. Well, at this rate I will. I've only been shooting for about a year. I think I have developed an addiction.
  6. Good start. Now, load in a BUNCH of mags before the gun-grabbers get them. Once you have a good supply of mags, then load in the ammo. Get the x54 while it's cheap, it won't be forever; then the x39 and finally pistol ammo.
  7. I need some 54R. I only have 40 rounds left
    Well, 41...... Gotta count that one round rolling around free in the ammo crate.
  8. Nice collection. I'm working on 22's myself. Ammo is cheap.

  9. hipoint.nut

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    You need to a add a Makarov and a TT-33 to that Russian collection.
  10. Good start on a nice collection. I'll bet you've got plans...
  11. Plans? What plans? No those are not bunkers built out in the back woods. <_<
  12. rodka

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    now all you need is a good shotgun
  13. indeed I do. I saw a nice looking one, that took like, a magazine, and was semi auto. I've seen some semi auto ones before, but not one magazine fed.
  14. elguapo

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    Excellent start!
  15. bobo

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    here is a few...

    My uncle and Grandpa have these in respective states. These came from and were collected by 3-4 generations of our family. (just for self defense of course)

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  16. Dad_Roman

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    .........aaaaaand a SUPER dead cat bounce:rolleyes:
  17. greg_r

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    Since this was ressurected.......

    My arsenal....

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  18. planosteve

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    You'll poke you eye out with those. :D
  19. Rerun

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    What brand of prophylactic do you use with those?


  20. undeRGRound

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    2007 threads are the oldest captive threads @HPFF...
    Arsenal/Picture threads don't get much play here.
    Most of us have too many to photograph, BoBo :D