My band has a new cd out

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  2. Sounds great gonna have to pick one up. Hey i was wondering if some of your guys insperation came from Kutlas?
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    Sounds great!

    I sent you a MySpace request under my website's mySpace account.

    Feel free to join up over there and discuss music, promote your band, etc. The site's in my sig.

    Who are your influences? I kind of hear some sounds similar to Creed, Candlebox and some other bands. Keep on Rockin, bro.
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    Needs more COWBELL!!!

    bE bLESSED
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    Hey thanks for the myspace add request.
    Our influences include....alot of metal/hard rock from the 70's, 80's, 90's and current stuff.
    Some include: Tourniquet, Disciple, Precious Death, Deliverance, Mortification, Decyfer Down, and the list goes on.......
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    :D i couldnt stop imagining that seen from SNL

  7. lol uhh ohh hes hardcore! You insulted him by putting him with the likes of mainstream rock! ;) :p