My birthday is the 1st got to open it early.

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  1. griff30

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    I got my first 995!
    This marks the second peice I got in a month.
    Christmas came early with a PLR16 from my father in law then today I got the 995.
    Gotta wait till the weather is better to go plink.
    Will have pics soon.

    Now where are my Soumi drums?
  2. Thats awesome man!!!!! Let us know how she shoots for ya..

  3. Geez, 2 guns in a month?! I want your family!
  4. lol I got 2 this week!!!!

    I think I have a problem...
  5. I got 5 1/3 guns this year. Just think. I paid about a semester of tuition on guns. :S
  6. griff30

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    I think Im lucky!
    Actually I have been out of shooting sport for a while so this is just me getting back in the game.

    I came her looking for info for my Dad's 4095 and really felt aty home. I began to like the 995 and your modifactions with such an inexpensive reliable rifle. It's the 1957 Chevy of rifles. Or the new Ruger 10/22 if you will.
    Next up funds pending is to get out one of my Soumi drums and get it tig welded to a mag. Blkhwkfixer where are you?

    Then the ATI stock and laser.

    Then $200 to the BATF for a serial number I can etch onto a silencer. Luckily, Im in Ohio where silencers are legal and just a pain to wait.