My boss is an enabler!

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  1. In December I walked into my LGS with the intention of buying a JHP. I walked out with a 4595TS. I have been considering a pistol to throw in the Jeep and let it in a lock box or one to just have fun with.

    Today it started with what seems like round 20 of this never ending winter so the boss left me leave 30 minutes early. Did I mention I work right across the street from my LGS?

    Well, 30 minutes later I walked out with a new JHP, and an extra mag. Now if the snow would only melt I might get a chance to shoot it!
  2. SWAGA

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    There's a guy in eBay that sells flush mags iso the battery pack.
    Just in case you're interested.
    He isn't always selling so if you don't find then just wait a week or so for him to put them up again.

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    You can find them on this site.:cool:
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    Those have a different floor plate but yes, you can find them there also.