My boys at work...

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  1. 23 seconds of pure beauty to my eyes and ears (some people may find it annoying) lol.


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    There was a song out something like whenever I hear them I hear a symphony. I love the sound of horns, sirens, and the roar of heavy diesel engines. Brings back memories :wink: :D

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    '95, that your crew?

    :) good onya, and them, thanks for the service!!
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  5. I rode with them for a while, but they weren't my permanent crew unfortunately. I'd love to run out of that house; second busiest in the county, average 15 calls a day. They run an ambulance, an engine, and a Tower with a 103' stick on top :).
  6. be honest, your the hose boy, you get to flatten and repack the hoses after the real firefighters get the job done huh? I was a cadet years ago, it was the most work and most fun I've had in my life I think.
  7. haha nah... i was when I started, but we have enough rookies and I have enough seniority I don't "have" to. I still do (don't order your men to do anything you won't do yourself), but it's more fun now that I do it by choice (and if I'm really tired I'll skip it) lol.
  8. Oh, and


    They're cocky, arrogant, and aggressive, but they get the job done.
  9. [ame][/ame]

    There's my sound. Powercall AND the Federal Q going. Now they just need some air horn in there... I need to find a video with all 3 lol.

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    Here is a pic of my last major fire 5 Sept 2001 this is 2 auto dealerships one had 17 antique auto worth well over a million dollars involved at about 430 am i was the radio operator at the station and this fire was about 500 yards from that station so I got a good view of the whole deal. When we got toned out it was around 4am. I live behind the station and you could see flames OVER the tree tops. you can see 2 towers in the picture both are mutual aid units that were called in [ 1 is automatic in a structure fire]. The chief was working when the tone went off [he was actually sitting in his truck eating about a 1/2 mile away and saw the glow and called for the 2nd tower even before he was on scene.]

  11. I love that sound! I remember my first fire as a volunteer... when the tones went out on my radio I was ready to go. Middle of the night, got up, was dressed and in my turn outs in about 3 mintues... My brother *my Captain at the time, made Chief about 3 months later* rolled up to the house as I was walking out the door... We rolled 3 blocks to the station and he jumped in the Chiefs truck as I jumped in the engine with the other guys and we rolled out... What a rush!!!!!!!
  12. When I was home for a week stopped by the firehouse... few hours later we get dispatched on a smoke in the building call... one minute later it's upgraded to "High-occupancy structure fire". Nearly messed my pants along with the other guys in the engine. Turned out to be BS, but MAN what a call I was almost first-in on.