My Bug Out Setup, so far.

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    1st: Our primary goal in almost any situation would be to head to my grandpa's house about 35-40 miles away. Save for a nuclear attack at the nearby base, it is one of the safest places in the area I have access to (lots of land; big, secure house; a big, secure guest house with garge; generators; farm equipment; windmill; lots of things run on propane; open for around 50-100 yards in every direction from the house).

    This the "High Alert" setup that my GF and I have. It consists of the vests which hold basic goods for survival for a few days out in the woods while we make our way there. This is what we would carry if we had to get out ASAP and could not count on vehicles to get us there, and also expected to have to move quickly.
    Weapons: 28.5" 995 with RedDot, and Mossberg Plinkster with RedDot.

    My vest (weighs about 18-20lbs):
    -100 Rounds of ammo with two extra mags held on magnetically (100lb magnet in the pocket), so 130 rounds total.
    -8" Survival knife with saw and fishing line in handle (on chest / shoulder).
    -6 mile radio.*
    -2 Lighters, flint striker, Dryer lint.
    -35 lumen LED mini flashlight (3xAAA).*
    -Whistle / Magnifying glass / Thermometer / Compass thing.*
    -Space Blanket.
    -50' of 300lb test rope.
    -About 50yds of duct tape. (1)
    -Camping soap (liquid, biodegradeable).
    -Camping cookware set (small aluminum pot / pan set).
    -Folding shovel.
    -2L of Water with 25L worth of purification tablets.
    -15lb capacity Magnetic extention thing (it was small and I had it, heh).
    -Portable mini radio.

    Her Vest (about 10-12lbs):
    -Child's-sized tend (we fit fine diagonally though). (2)
    -~400 rounds of .22LR HP cartridges.
    -Pepper Spray.
    -Folding Utinsels.
    -3.75" Blade on shoulder.
    -Black sharpie. (3)
    -3 Lighters.
    -One pair of socks for each of us.
    -About 4000 calories in bars / nuts. (4)
    -2' x 4' Towel. (5)
    -Deodorant and Dental supplies. (6)
    -Toilet Paper. (7)

    In addition, here is what I'd call "Medium Alert" stuff. Still in a situation where we either can't count on vehicles, or all we'd be able to take from a stuck or disabled vehicle. However, this is more like for bad weather or some other problem that isn't quite as dangerous as all-out civil unrest. Also, not all of it can be carried without a vehicle.

    -The small duffle bag on the left carries an easy two weeks worth of canned foods. It weighs about 25lbs and is thus too heavy to carry any real distance, so it is restricted to vehicle use.

    -The bottle of alcohol might be stuffed in the backpack**. It is useful for sanitation and my experiments and extrapolations tell me that the single large bottle can start at least a few hundred fires (the small bottle can probably do 100 on its own).

    -The machete and hatchet would be taken if they can will fit in the backpack**.

    -The Sleeping bag will go in the backpack**.

    -The small backpack in the top right corner holds a pair of shooting ear muffs (8 ), and two blankets (including the one all the gear is sitting on for the pictures), one about 4' x 6' and cotton, the other 5' x 8' and canvas. The GF would carry this (and might even do so in a high alert situation since it is still relatively light). If we drop the ear muffs the extra space would be used for more food.

    -The waist pack on the right holds an additional 300 rounds and perhaps some more snacks in the near future.


    * = Girlfriend's vest carries this item also.

    ** = I am going to buy a new backpack soon. I returned my last one because it ended up being ghetto, and am waiting on its refund.

    (1) = Can be used to hold wounds closed, to repair clothes and shoes, to protect extremities, or to fasten things.
    (2) = The tent is obviously much larger than the camel pack, but it is about 2lb lighter which is why it is in her pack.
    (3) = A black sharpie is obviously just useful for making notes, leaving messages, marking items, or even just doodling to maintain sanity.
    (4) = This could last a couple days for us and maintain pretty good energy. I would hope to supplement it however we could. However, it could easily be drawn out much longer if necessary.
    (5) = Towel can be used to clean, contain bleeding (perhaps along with the duct tape), as bedding / a blanket, or of course to dry off.
    (6) = I know these hygienic items aren't necessary for survival, but they'd be nice to have. At the very least, it would likely help to keep morale up (for reasons from sticking to a little normalcy to feeling reasonably fresh). Also, when you get to your destination it would obviously be important to have them (especially dental supplies) if you are going to stay there any length of time. If you get back to the bare basics where you are eating mostly meats and vegetables then it won't be as important, but until then sweets and junk foods will still be in the diet and so teeth should be cleaned.
    (7) = Like the other hygienic supplies, I know it isn't absolutely necessary. But it would definately be nice to have!
    (8 ) = The Ear Muffs are also not really necessary (especially given the weapons we have), and they are likely to be excluded for that reason, but I figured they could come in handy (though, everything can come in handy eventually so you have to draw the line somewhere). If nothing else, they might be useful for sleeping (one person up watching, with a rope tied to the sleeper). According to Max Brooks, if zombies attack you don't want to be hearing their moans all day!

    And I made sure to have some feet pics. I'd have shown my toes, but there were tigers biting them :( .


    BTW, including all the extras I expect her to be carrying about 25-30lbs with weapon(s) and myself about 40-50lbs with weapon(s). This is about 30% of our body weight which is the most I hear you'd want to carry. Includes future sidearms.
  2. That's a very well thought out BUG you have there bro. Nice work.

    The lion slipper is a kick in the pants, thanks for the laugh! :mrgreen:

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    I do not understand this part, can you explain it to me?
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    Sorry. Obviously with ear muffs on you couldnt hear your partner whispering for you to get up, but with a rope tied to them you could jerk on it (if you were too far to just reach over and grab them) to get their attention.
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    Ok... Im having some crazy problem with posting errors...
  6. You're not the only one either. I am about to really get angry if this crap doesn't stop.
  7. Great post JMcDonald, cool slipper too :)
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    Thanks guys. Hope you all thought it helpful!
  9. Looks like you could probably use a little more food and water. I would also recomend a bottle (nalgene?) of some sort to use for your water treatment. The cookware can be used for water treatment but much easier if you have something with a lid. You also should both have the basics water, food, shelter and a basic first aid kit in case you get seperated.
    Some small things I would add:
    Bandana(s)- lots of uses.
    Coffee filters- pre filters for water to remove large sediment. Very small and pack away tight.
    headlamp- used in addition to the flashlight dont forget the extra batteries
    Couple of small cheap folding knives- use for fire striker to save blade on large knife
    Knife sharpener-
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    I have a small bottle of water purification tablets than can clean 25L of water.

    I think you might be right. For shelter, I can survive with my space blanket and poncho if she had the tent. I do agree that she should at least carry a canteen with her gear. Also you are right that I should probably at least put a small snack somewhere within my gear.

    I'd like to add some of these also (either / or, most likely). But for now I assumed we'd use the towel for that.

    Not a bad idea! I might consider something like that for each of us.

    That is something I simply forgot to mention. In my vest is also a small bag with batteries (AAAs for flashlights / radios, and the little 3V ones for the scopes). It also has some allen wrenches and the stock 995 tool for doing any emergency repairs to the weapons.

    The folding utinsels each also have a folding blade out of them. Also, my GF has a very cheap ~3" folding blade that could also be used for that. However, the striker works on the back of the blade reasonably well so I am not too worried about dulling them.

    I actually have a small one sitting on the counter waiting to be added in with the gear, heh.
  11. jmac,

    good job... seems like your gf is willing to do her part, and that is a major plus..

    i would add some add'tl calories to your bag..

    i've added a couple of mainstay bars (3600 cal) to my bob to increase my calorie count... the best price i found was at this site:

    keep up the good work!
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    Yeah, the GF is pretty cool about "socially taboo" subjects like guns and cars and survivalism, heh.

    Thanks for the suggestions guys. I am definately going to check out those food bars and head lamps (and also see what I can find locally), as they sound very handy.
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    Excellent post...EXCEPT.........

    I have to disagree on ONE thing:

    I prefer the Tactical Stuffed Penguin (TSP) slippers. They're far more forgiving in colder climates.
  14. If anyone finally finishes a bob setup they aretwice the man i am. I add or subtract weekly. Damn surplus stores! Plus now my wife is as wound up as I am . Am I the only one with a sewing machine in there BOB ?
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    After seeing you have listed TP, I say you're well set. ;)
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    Heh, thanks!

    BTW, All that stuff (excluding guns and gun gear) I estimate at... I dunno.... maybe $250 - $300.

    Oh, and I dunno about the Penguins. As you can see these Tigers are quire ferocious... they gnaw at my feet all day!
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    Hey, just a thought, and to save a lot of space - instead of earmuffs - why not earplugs? I have 3 sets in my own BOB.
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    Lol, that is a great point. Dunno why I didn't think of that.

    Added to the list!

    Any other suggestions or questions?
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    I will add a +1 to the headlamp idea - I have 2 as well (I am trying to get two of everything since my GF is lax about her own preparations), but mine are the clip on to the brim of a baseball cap variety. Protects the head from the sun/keeps it a bit warmer in winter and allows us to see at night.

    Oh, and I am sure your multitool has one - but just in case - I assume you have a can opener for the canned food in the car bag?

    I keep some cold weather gear in the trunk of my car as well - not sure where you are located but it might be worth thinking about. A surplus Army parka (I went with the German one since it has a hood) might be worth looking at. I also have a set of gloves and a baclava as well as a "GI jeep" woolie beanie.