My Bulgarian milled AK

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  1. Had her over 5 yrs now....never a FTF or FTE:

    Paid $600 for her otd at a gunshow...unfortunately she is a post ban but I still dig her...don't need a cleaning rod or bayo lug...and I think the "sharkgill" muzzlebrake gives her a modern look.

    Was accurate right out of the box...never had to touch the sights....shoot the middle out of clay targets at 100 yds all day long

    Got 10 Bulgarian waffle mags and 10 Hungarian "tanker" mags and 2,500 rds of WOLF 122 gr FMJ
  2. 8andsand

    8andsand Well-Known Member

    Nice looking AK. That sounds like a great price for a milled Ak and all the mags and ammo.

  3. Ari

    Ari Guest

    Now thats an AK!! I like that a bunch
  4. tju1973

    tju1973 Well-Known Member

    Nice--- I always get wrapped up in the fancy extras -- ie bayonet an fancy muzzle brakes---

    You know though, besides 1 riot (Gitmo Cuba) and a few taining exercises, I NEVER fixed my bayonet during my 6 years in the Grunts (USMC)..

    I likey!!!

  5. Thanks guys...shes my favorite...I'd eat Government cheese and accept welfare stamps rather than get rid of her!
  6. tju1973

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    Pass some good Govt cheese my way-- i makes the BEST grilled cheese ever-- esecially when fried in good free Govt butter!!!

  7. PrimalSeal

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    When I was a kid growing up in Minnesota, that stuff was AWESOME! I really liked the butter, it made GREAT oven fried toast. Wow, the memories that stuff brings back....