My C-9 Soon To Be Polished

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  1. HiPoint4Life

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    Unverisal IWBB I bought for $10 at the War Memorial South Florida Gun Show here in Ft. Lauderdale.
    Trigger Guard Laser Light I bought from the Airsoft Store for $9.
    C-9 and IWBB
    We Look Good Together...
  2. s0b3

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    you might want to check and make sure that laser will hold zero. that mount doesn't look that sturdy and looks like it could be moved easily.

    also airsoft lasers might not hold up to the recoil of a real firearm.

  3. Yeah the way its mounted it looks like it might move on ya....but then again it is a c-9 lol. Not to hefty in the recoil department. Unless were just running our mouths and youve already shot it and it works fine. In that case, looks good ;)
  4. Ari

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    Welcome HiPoint4Life
  5. HiPoint4Life

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    It fired fine when I went to the range it didn't wiggle around like I thought it would.
  6. Like others, I think it looks a little too flexible, but if it's working for you, great! Since there are no really fantabulous C9 (compact) laser solutions out of the (official) box, keep us posted on how this works long-term!