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Hello All,

I took my guns out to the range today and shot just over two hundred rounds. My roommate went with me and we took turns firing the guns. We both couldn't hit schmit with the C9 and were missing alot with the JCP .40
We were shooting at Shoot N C targets from 10 yards away. I had adjusted the sights on the C9 after my last outing and I think I may have just made them worse. One of the range officers was nice enough to come over and give us some basic shooting tips. With him coaching me I was able to put 8 out of 10 rounds from my JCP into the target. Then with him coaching my roommate, he still couldn't hit the target with the C9. We tried to adjust the sights again, as the gun seemed to be shooting too low. The range was closing before I was able to get the sights corrected. I am totally bummed that my C9 doesn't seem to be sighted right. At the same time, some or most of this could be my fault as well as I am a newbie to shooting hand guns. The JCP seems to be fine right out of the box. We put about 115 rounds of 9mm through the C9 without a single FTF or FTE.
I had one FTF with the JCP, but that was my fault as I forgot to limit the amount of bullets I put in the magazine until the magazine is broken in properly. If I loaded the magazine with 9 bullets or less, I could empty it with no problem. 10 bullets in the clip and I would get a FTF on the second shot.
I recorded some videos of us shooting the guns and am gonna try to post them on Youtube.
I really like my C9, I just need to get it sighted better. However, I think I like the JCP .40 even better than my C9.
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