My C9 has hit 1000

Discussion in 'Hi-Point Pistols' started by p7196, Feb 20, 2008.

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    Well since I have had my c9 I had only fired 20 rounds through it. There is a range about a 1/2 mile from me. So a few friends and myself decided to go to the range. We put 1000 , YEP you read it right, 1000 rounds through it. Not the first problem. No jams, no feed probs at all. Some were rapid fire and some other were double tap.We put 5 mags of 10 rnds through it as fast as we could fire it and swap mags. My hands are tired and my arms are sore as they can be. Not counting spending 6 hours at the range. I was impressed with her. I have heard other folk talk bad about this piece because of the price. II have heard everything you can think of. The funny part is, my old Ruger p85 MK.2 was there ,(sold it to a friend long ago). The p85 had continual feed issues. The HP only has one problem after all the heavy use today. It seems the slide is a little noisy now. It may have been that way and I never noticed it. Should I send it back or not. So far it is not causing any problems. I cleaned it but didn't take the slide off or anything. Sorry for long post.

  2. well, even for a HP which require little maintenance, ever 1500 rd you should strip it and have a nice over all clean. if you don't feel like doing it, sent it back and let them do the dirty job for you. i think the shipping it quit cheap according to others(some say $15~$30). i, too just reach the 1000rd last weekend. i'm thinking once reach 2000rd i'll sent it back and let them clean it for me. i hear they will sent back with a extra mag, i'm not sure if just for cleaning too.
  3. Sounds like fun to me.
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    Try some graphite on the slide grooves... a soft pencil will do just fine. Just color the groove in with the pencil, and see if that helps.
  5. Congrats on the milestone!
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    Hey the graphite worked.
  7. I'm glad you had fun with your C9!! I hope I my CF380 will one day see 1000 rounds!!!!
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    Welcome to the club!! Just follow the matainance advice from others on here, clean it every 1500 rounds in full-field strip (or have HP do it for you, since they're so kind about it!) and you will find nothing but the same thing you already know: The ownership of an excellent pistol!

    Myself? I'm at 2,500 rounds and loving every minute of it!
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    Now with all these posts about "send it back to HP for cleaning" how do those guys stay in business?

    I mean shouldnt you be able to clean your own gun? Being gun illiterate and disowned by all my glock friends ive been spraying bore cleaner followed by a brush another shot of bore clean and some patches until clean through it. Sprayed a shot of remoil to cleaned parts...

    good enough?
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    Now that we are talking about cleaning, I saw an old friend of mine today and he noticed the c9 in my cc holster. He is a certified gunsmith. We were talking about cleaning it and he told me to buy denatured alcohol , because it has no water in it, soak the weapon in it for 20 or so minutes, then blow it dry with a compressor. Then shoot some bore cleaner in it ,run patches through it and lightly oil it. Wouldn't this damage the polymer?
  11. Sounds like fun. I wish I could take 1000 rounds to the range and shoot them all in one sitting. Good job dude.
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    No problem, a lot of fine machines with tight tolerances in the plants i have worked require powder graphite as lube, not oil... so i figured it would work for you.