My C9 is a POS

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    Piece of SWEETNESS! :lol:
    It has now been deflowered! I know it's new in the process but at about 150 rounds not one FTF or FTE or any problems at all! WOO HOO!

    First semi I have ever owned and glad I picked this one. Only other handgun I have is a Ruger 44 mag so I don't know what all this talk of a heavy gun is :wink:

    I do have one dumb question. Adjusting sights? Anyone got any directions on how to adjust the open sights on the C9? I'm so use to scopes I honestly don't know how to adjust them. It could be the shooter but I was hitting paper at 20 yds but was consistently low and left. grouped relatively well but always low and left.

    Happy HP owner and looking forward to putting some more feed in the tube very soon! :D
  2. I'm glad you like it. I love mine. As soon as my HCP (CCW permit) comes in the mail I'm going to be carrying mine. It shoots smooth like buttah, and dead on every time.
    As for adjusting the sights: There are two screws, one flat head on the side, and one hex head on the top of the rear sight. The hex adjusts the up and down angle. The flat head adjusts the windage, side-to-side. I'm not an expert, and I don't know your level of experience so I'm not trying to talk down to you in any way.
    I would highly suggest buying a laser bore sight, you can get them at wally for around $40, and using that to sight it in. You can see the thread about it by doing a search for laser bore sight. This will save you time and buy the time you add the ammo and range time to do it the old skool way, it will save you some dough, which we all need to do. I use my Dad's and can switch between the ghost ring and the three point sights in about 20 mins AND have the thing sighted in almost perfectly, meaning 1-2 inch groups at anything distance less than 15 yards.
    They way I have mine set up is the red dot from the laser just is barely, and I mean barely, blocked out by the front sight at 3 and 7 yards, apprx.

    BTW, Sorry everyone for the long book...I mean post.

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    Ditto on the Laserlyte bore sighter. I have a piece of tape on one side of my garge (2 car) and site my C9 up from the other side. So far it has worked very well.

    Here's a great write up on iron-sights, and adjusting them. Hope this helps.

  4. Glad you like it :). I was getting ready to go troll hunting lol.
  5. and I had your back!!! :lol: :lol:

    Good for you guys!!
  6. I was ready too LOL deert glad you like your pistol, good trick on the name of your post :)
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    welcome to the club and great choice :D
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    Glad U like it. I would not part with mine unless you paid me enough to buy 2 more like it.
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    Yes, I have to say I will be honest. I was actually worried I would have a bunch of problems and not really know what to do about them. Wheelie guns just rarely have any problems.

    I bet there are people on this site that didn't even look at the post because they didn't want to read anything bad mouthing their HP :lol:

    I am really amazed...that for the money...even if the gun had a few easily fixable problems people bad mouth them so much! lifetime warranty, inexpensive, and goes bang everytime.

    When I went to buy the gun(at a gun show). The seller was really warning me against buying it(even though he was selling them). I pretty much told him "Do you want a sale or not?" that's what I came here for. I didn't come here to spend a grand on a show piece that I would be afraid to take out of the case.

    Thanks for the sighting help also.
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    The last gun show I was at I heard one dealer bad mouthing the hell out of HP (he was selling high dollar guns) to the dealer that was selling HPs. I was there to buy another HP. I listened to the male bovine fecal matter the one guy was spewing and finally had heard enough. I asked him if he had ever shot an HP. He said hell no because they were cheap junk. I spoke up and told him if he has never fired one and never owned one he needed to keep his mouth shut because he couldn't speak from true life experience so he didn't know what he was talking about.
  12. Keep preaching, brother!
  13. That's one of the most beautiful things about a Hi-Point. You can afford to shoot it. It's not a showpiece,(although I confess, I really do like how they look,) but it is a weapon you can take out and shoot. What good is a gun you are afraid to enjoy shooting? My C9 was my first handgun, and I am sure I will always keep it. I am looking at the 45 from Hi-Point now. Big bang, small
    bucks. How sweet it is baby!
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    Thanks for the link to the sight Wiki.
    Never saw this but it looks very informative.
    Saved and will check out when time is available.