My C9 is an amazing firearm

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  1. I went to the range again over the weekend, and I don't care how you slice it... that C9 is an amazing gun.

    Have you even gotten so comfortable with a firearm that you can just pick it up cold and hit the target down range with ease. I mean, every gun has it's own quirks... sights, trigger pull, the feel in your hand, etc... and I find that I just have to get used to how certain guns shoot. I am so comfortable with my C9 that I was pulling head shots off at 25 yards consistently... no misses. Of course, I took my time and aimed with a purpose, but I was hitting the mark every time within, like, a 10" diameter. My Glock 17 is cool too. I can hit a silhouette consistently with it at 25 yards, but not like my C9. That thing is dead on. I am very pleased with it.
  2. They are a really good firearm if you can get past the "it has to be expensive to be good" doctrine that so many people believe in

  3. Glad to hear it works so good!! I have been researching them for awhile because of dibelief of the price and have heard nothing but praise. I am also impressed with the companies standpoint and practices!!!! I will be buying my C-9 tomarrow and if that works out good throught a couple boxes of ammo I will pick up the 40. I am very excited to see how it performs.
  4. I'll tell you, you're making a good decision, especially for the money. My C9 has been reliable and accurate.
  5. MarksmanOne, when you get that comfortable with a pistol it's because you practice with it alot. With lots of range time you can get used to just about anything. I think you chose well with the C9, that thing is just plain rock solid anyway. Good for you dude, I am glad that you have a pistol that you can trust your life to.
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    I agree 100% with Waltham41 - It is a great firearm, and functions perfectly regardless of the low cost. I got smirks at some ranges when I'd take my C9 in to shoot... then I'd pull my targets in, and they would see how accurate it was, and then they would STFU.

    No one should be made to feel ashamed if a Hi-Point is all you can afford to protect yourself and your family... No intruder is gonna care what brand of pistol you shot him with, and neither will a paper target.
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    I love my C9. I'm am also very comfortable with mine, I trust my life with it.