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I sent my C9 in to the Mother to get the trigger pull lightened up and also to check the accuracy since I couldn't get it sighted in, shipped on August 24th by UPS, they received on August 25th and I got it back today (Sept. 11th) by FedEx.

They sent a extra mag for my troubles along with another peep-sight and another trigger lock.

The note with it said they Buffed the slide, lightened the trigger pull and test fired. They sent the target they shot with it at 17 yds/50 ft. It had 2 bullseyes, 2in the 9 ring, 2 inthe 8 ring and 1 in the 7 ring. The note on the target stated they shot 8 shots, but I don't know where the 8th went. They stated they used the 6 o'clock sight on target.

I dry fired it using a pencil eraser and the trigger pull is smooth and much, much less than when I sent it in. Just guessing I would say it is around 6 lbs. now compared to about 10 before. Sure feels great.

The slide works smoothly now. They must have done a fluff and buff. The feed ramp was buffed and is now shiny. The muzzle end of the barrel was remmed/chamfered so that there is no roughness right at the end of the barrel/muzzle. It looks like a different barrel, but there was no note of it being replaced.

I can't wait until I can get out to my son's shooting range to try it out. Sure feels like a different firearm than I sent in, it now works with a much better trigger feel. Hope I can shoot it as good as they did with practice. I think part of the problem was the hard trigger pull before.

What a great company Hi-Point/Beemiller is with a great warranty!! 8) :D
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