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    I posted a pic of my C9 in the gallery yesterday but i went and bought a new toy to test out today and have a new pic I found a cheap deal on a laser site at wal mart its made for air soft and air guns but it looked cool and i picked it up for $20 tried it on and it fit....this is a pic of it on with the pressure switch hooked up, not sure if i like it but it looks cool, might switch it back to the regular on off button...wont get a chance to fire it for a few days but it looks like its gonna line up pretty well even though i had to mount it upside down.....anyways, heres the pic, what do you think? If nothing else it looks cool. I'll update when i get to fire with it.

  2. That looks pretty cool. It will be interesting to see if it will stand up to 9mm

  3. Jagerbomber

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    Yeah, thats my one big if...if it holds up.....I didnt blow much on it so it may or may not...but if it does i got a deal. We will see soon.
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    Ok, so i am finally responding to my own post. Got to try out that laser on the above pictured C-9. Just plain and simple didnt work. I thought it might do the trick but it just plain flat out wasnt built strong enough for that kind of use. Its not destroyed and I can still use it and probably will on a .22 or something but the thing started coming apart within 5 shots. I will give credit on the actual mount for it because it held and didnt budge but the actual laser unit parts started coming apart. It was worth a try and luckily i didnt blow much money on it and learned a new lesson on what can and cant be used. C-9 still fired like a champ though. Love that gun!!!
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    What did you cover the base of your mag with? I like the smooth look.
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    Well that was an accidental discovery that came with that laser. When i opened up the package it had this rubber band looking thing,which is the thing you see on the base. I am not totaly sure what it was for but as soon as i saw it I thought i looked like it would cover that base so i tried it out and it fit like it was made for it. Its just a smooth piece of rubber, basicly just a big rubber band. I couldnt have found a better fit if I went looking on purpose.