My C9 with light and laser

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    As of right now, my trusty C9 is my only pistol. I see all the neat things the guys with rails can mount and that got my Redneck engineering skills a-whurrin. So I present to you my Redneck C9.






    Basicly, a paintball el-cheapo laser and a Cabelas flat led clip on light. I did this mostly as a goof but have been suprised at how well it has worked. I have only put one clip thru in this configuration. Hopefully this weekend I will run a hundred rounds or so and see how she holds up. (I am a lefty hence the lazer trigger pad is thumb activated)
  2. I like it, you did a great job on her.

  3. Oh, and welcome to the forum.
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    Very nice! I considered adding a laser sight to my C9 too. I have one similiar to yours in that it attaches to the front section of the trigger guard. Mine is activated by a button press at the rear of the laser though and not through an external chord that would attach to the grip.

    How hard was it to get that sensor under your slip on grip? Those grips by themselves are an absolute pain to put on :) Did you have any trouble getting that sensor underneath it?

    I also like your light on the mag base. The only downside I can see to that is if by mistake you were to drop the clip and it was to actually hit a hard surface. That light would most likely shatter as a result of that fall.

    Looking at the contour design of your laser and then the light, have you tried to attach that light to either the right or left side of your laser? It would be a good place for it. That way your light would be within your line of sight. A good thick piece of velcro would work very nicely in attaching your light to either side of your laser. Plus if it was to catch something and fall off, the velcro "break away" would prevent damage to the light.

  5. Quick tip for those that have had issues putting on that not-so-slippery slip on grip... :D
    Pour a little baby powder on the inside of the slip-on-grip and a tad on the grip of the gun...that sucker will slide right on and you can take a damp cloth and wipe away any excess powder. Whatever was underneath the grip at the time will go away on its own, no worries its not slidding off on its own cause of the powder.

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    Thanks for the welcome, I have been lurking for so long I hadnt realised it ws my first post. heh.

    The sensor wasnt bad getting it under the grip. I just kinda rolled the edge of the grip up and started feeding it thru. Then I kind of rabbed on the front ant back with the palm of my hand and squeezed and fet thru some more. Finally I rollerd the top of the grip and grabbed and gently pulled up.

    A tip for anyone that may try and mount one of these el-cheapo paintball lazers. I used double sided tape and thin strips of tire innertube to fill in gaps left by the housing. I tried making a mold out of quicksteel wrapped in cling paper between the frame and laer body, it worked ok but, when it came time to add some rubber strips everything had gotten to big and didnt fit anymore.

    As far a light position this is my "home" clip. It goes in when the gun is in home protection mode with the hollow points. I actually put it on before the laser. The light really works great for illuminating my area where it would most likely be needed. Since the lil push button on the bottom is raised I can pop it down on the table as its coming out and turn it on one handed.

    I really dont know I will keep the lazor on it. I will most likely take it off as the C9 transfers into truck gun duty. Hopefully this weekend I will be picking up a HP .45 that will eventually take over nightstand duty for the c9. I will add the proper lazer to that one.
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    how does it hold up when you shoot it
  8. GrOuNd_ZeRo

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    That is one tacti-cool C-9!

    I've seen others mount the same laser on their C-9 but I could never fit it on my JCP's a shame...
  9. Welcome to the forum. Just watch out or you'll catch Hi-Point-itus. It is fairly contagious and it will have you buying even more Hi-Points. :D

    I, too, bought that same laser at Wal-Mart. I couldn't get a good mount until I shaved the back of the top down a little. I was thinking about using some strips of rubber to add to the shims to get a better fit but haven't had the time to do any more. I am going to mount it on my CF380. If it works I'll put in on my C9 and try it.
  10. Neat project!

    Give your laser a good qualification run. I too wanted to give lasers a try and mounted an inexpensive one on one of my guns. That darn thing wouldn't hold zero for nothin'. I ended up taking it off and sending back. I do have a better laser on my 995 and that thing is solid as a rock. Just be sure to give it a good long test run - hate to think you have it and don't, just when you need it.
  11. TexasD

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    Has anyone tried one of the lasers that mount to the trigger guard?
  12. I have not, based on the feedback of many here and elsewhere. The trigger guard and attachment mechanism are too unstable a platform to be robust.

    Your results may vary...... but I'd reco against it.
  13. TexasD

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    Thanks for the input Newskate9. It kinda confirmed my thoughts on them
  14. Technically the laser shown above by sunkenloot and the one I am mounting on my CF380 is a trigger guard mount. However, this type of unit nestles under the frame in front of the guard. I am planning on mounting and testing tomorrow, so I hope to have a report to y'all very soon.
  15. sunkenloot

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    Yes, mine is a trigger guard mount. It took a few hours trying different spacers and pieces of innertube to get it feeling very solid.

    I should also have a better report on how it goes in the field after this weekend. I am not expecting much but, who knows I may get lucky.
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  17. is there a part # or a brand on the laser or are they the only ones they have at wal-mart. thanks.
  18. sunkenloot

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    The one I got says SSI Air Shot, Laser Guide. I have seen them at wal-mart and Academy sports around the North Dallas area. $15-$20.

    Found a pic.

  19. Ari

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    Let us know how it holds zero